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  1. Nice try Karma, but for real tho, there are magic in trees.
  2. My buddy Westify was lucky enough to grab a Stryder burn card. He finished the game with 24 pilot kills.
  3. If I could take a drug that would put me to sleep until March 11th I would without hesitation. This game is going to be huge.
  4. I agree with you, I do not want to play the same maps for 5 years in a row.. Simple, original, clean and playable maps are what I want to see.
  5. I do Right Trigger presses until failure. Then alternate to Left Trigger presses. I finish with Ogre twitches for 5min in each direction.
  6. We need more old maps for sure. Like who wants to enjoy something original? Not us.
  7. Visual Communications because I get a hard on when I see design.
  8. If your going in solo you might as well break your disc in half and cut your wrists down the road.. for fucks sake.
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