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  1. Anything for H5? I play FFA but if anyone wants to team let me know. Have exp
  2. Add "Aqualazation" running arena and or slayer around 10 est after I get off of work
  3. Ball is life indeed. But doubles was so much fun. i remember on my acc just playing dubs on H3 and HR all day
  4. i just joined Beyond but knew about the site for the longest. i already posted in the Player finder. but thanks for looking out i appreciate it
  5. I'm up for any Campaign on any difficulty . add Aqualazation and I'm in the US East Coast
  6. lets run your ind of in the same area. should be easy to win assuming we play good and what not etc
  7. GT: Aqualazation MM Region: US East Coast (Michigan) Just let me know when you wanna run by sending me a pm or follow me on twitter @nolan_828
  8. Does anyone else feel as 343 should add a doubles playlist and stop making team ball and other various game modes that only stay in the MM servers for 1 month or only a couple of weeks. feel free to tell me your opinion etc
  9. okay man, thanks for the info i appreciate it !
  10. or just respond to the thread lol i could of just said that since its much easier.
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