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  1. He was talking about it over the course of an hour. I didn't clip anything sorry.
  2. Guys. I just got all of this intel from Str8 Sick's stream so here is rostermania as it stands Teams: OpTic: Same. NV: Mikwen, Snipedown, Spartan, & Penguin Liquid: Stellur, Eco, Shotzzy, & Renegade LG: Ola, Bubu, Saiyan, Trippey Cryptik/Splyce: Suspector, Ryanoob, Shooter, & Rayne F/A or Unknown: APG, Commonly, Danoxide, Contra, Lunchbox, Nemassist, Prototype, Dastroyed, Naded, Articc, Demon D, Claim, Musa, Str8 Sick, & Ninja Partial Teams: Str8: Ace, Falcated, Tapping. El Town, & Neptune. Baby J & Sabinater. Almost nothing but OpTic is guaranteed.
  3. Basically players from Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, & New Mexico are the only players who can play on this team. We would compete against other teams from other regions like Carolina, Texas, Oregon, NY, etc. They (Pro Battle League) stream these matches on their twitch channel every Sunday 4:30 Pacific Time and it is a way for ams to get our names out there and also it is fun to have regional pride on the line. Eventually there will be a championship and we go there to compete for money. This would NOT interfere with HWC qualification and you can team with whoever you wanted for the online cups. Message me twitter (https://twitter.com/WlLEY_COYOTE) or on xbox WLLEY COYOTE Here is their website: http://www.battleleague.com/ & their twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/probattleleague Must be at least Onyx (Sorry)
  4. Onyx 2150 mostly solo. GT: WLLEY COYOTE. I am running right now.
  5. Bump & we will be travelling to Vegas. Currently it is me and Bionic Cell for sure.
  6. I am looking for players for the Pro Battle League team the Denver Rangers. We will be competing in the Southern Conference. Message me on twitter at https://twitter.com/WlLEY_COYOTE @WlLEY_COYOTE (lowercase L instead of an I). Here is the website: http://www.battleleague.com/ Basically, regional teams. State pride is on the line and possible sponsorship to HCS open events is possible.
  7. GT: WLLEY COYOTE Onyx 2300 in arena but was 2600 last season. I mostly search solo but I still call out. Not available Thursday through Saturday night except when absolutely need like, tournaments or special events.
  8. I do read. Just infrequently (once every week or two). Also, what is wrong with having a poll to users and pros?
  9. Work together to find a solution. My input, we have a series of polls/a thread to figure out what most people would think the IDEAL competitive Halo experience would be.
  10. EH, not the right place to discuss negativity for sure, that was my bad. Also can we do something about Halo's competitive scene? I love the invitational 4v4 tournament. That was great. Why can't we have a larger one @@Saucey @@CyReN ?
  11. I have been around enough to see complaining without any sort of solutions being presented. And I am so triggered right now
  12. Nah not right now. I see a handful of people doing things but a hell of a lot of complaining. Also, what have we done in the last 3 months? The survey? I don't know honestly because I haven't been around. I left because of the complaining. Edit: I actually want to know what we have accomplished. The No radar invitational, the survey, and?

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