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  1. All SR-152's will also be getting something in Infinite. Not sure what it could be. I'm guessing an exclusive armor set.
  2. Really impressed with the CE stream. I'm not really part of that community but I'm happy for you guys. 2 PoV's is perfect IMO.
  3. They gotta change those gamertags asap. Who's idea was that? Haha
  4. Clans haven't been cool since Halo 2.
  5. It really sucks that the aiming is shit because I greatly enjoyed the feel of H5's magnum and landing "perfects". I talk a lot of shit about H5 but I would have played it wayyyy more if it kept the beta aiming.
  6. You're thinking of the throwback CE playlist. They left abilities in on CE maps. It was truly autistic.
  7. I don't believe that statement holds any weight at this point. Plus, it could mean a dozen different things.
  8. You'll be able to take selfies during matches. Mark my words.
  9. By removing aim assist, you're increasing the need to be more precise in your joystick movements. How does that have nothing to do with increasing the skill required? This doesn't erase the reality that you're not making any meaningful plays without numbers. Removing power items removes an entire facet of the game and gimps the power of players. Does the game fall apart without them? No, not on certain maps, but it would become stale pretty damn quick if that's how we played 24/7. And no, you're not screwed if you run into two enemies in any game, especially instant-kill games like CoD or Rainbow Six: Siege. Hell, you can take out 3 or 4 enemies if they're not initially aware of you. We don't have that luxury with Halo's kill times. At this point I think you find the entire concept of mid-game rewards in any game to be unfun, which is fine.
  10. Nope, there definitely is a disconnect between fun and skill at a certain point. We should just remove all forms of aim assist, that would be the ultimate test of gun skill. That'd be fun right? ...up until players realize they can't hit 90% of their shots and the kill times are tripled. Extreme example, but you get the point. There's lines that just shouldn't be crossed. Also, more reliance on teamshot literally makes your own gun skill less important. The only way you're making plays without power items is playing the numbers game, all of the time. Every. Single. Game. You're screwed every time you run into two or more players. That puts insane limitations on one's skill. However, if I had H3's sniper, my skill could make more of an impact on the match due to multi-kill potential. I can't believe you compared rockets to an AC-130.
  11. Remove power items so Halo becomes even MORE teamshot-oriented? No thanks. Removing them just means I'd be a victim of the numbers game all of the time instead of some of the time. I'll take individual empowerment wherever I can get it, especially in terribly balanced Halos. Imagine only being able to make plays through superior teamshot? That's bland as shit. I'd rather grab camo , creep up to S2 and backsmack the sniper guy, pick it up and dome two of his teammates near greenbox and make a play that way. Infinitely more exciting than "hurr durr let's plant as many reticles on this person as possible". Like c'mon, there's a point where fun should trump skill in these discussions. If you find fun in endless teamshot, more power to you I suppose. ...Or less power to you, technically.
  12. I think they're updating it soon so that quitting a 1v4 or 2v4 gives no penalty, and quitting a 3v4 gives a small one. I just wish they'd add a surrender option so nobody has to quit or waste time.
  13. Ah, I see. Yeah, showing 2 PoV's for CE might be the ideal scenario. I just don't think quad is the way to go if we're trying to attract spectators.

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