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  1. I can't even imagine what @Boyo's Halo would look like.
  2. I've thought about this more and I've decided ricochet is probably not the best idea. Not that I have a strong opinion anyway. I barely even play these days.
  3. 1. Lies 2. Good to know you nade your teammates
  4. What if this ricochet mechanic only came into play after one betrayal? The victim would be asked if it was intentional or not. If yes, that griefer now has his damage reflected moving forward. If not, it's forgiven and not applied. This is how it works in Siege (and very well, IMO).
  5. Look at it this way: a ricochet mechanic would add about as much to the high level meta as friendly fire already does. In other words, not much at all. Outside of that, ricochet would combat griefers and improve the experience for thousands of players at all sorts of skill levels.
  6. Griefers and trolls obviously. What I'm saying is this: good players very rarely hurt their teammates, so FF hardly ever comes into play at that level. What I'm actually suggesting is the game should be designed around the smart players, not the idiots.
  7. You're decribing things that good players don't do. Why would you nade your teammates in the hill instead of help teamshoot like a normal person?
  8. Why would someone rocket their flag carrier? This is what I meant about pointing to idiots.
  9. Why not? The punishment is still there, just reversed.
  10. The guy with the rocket would be harmed, or dead
  11. I'm with Princess on this one. Reflective damage would just be better. Friendly fire plays an insignficant role in matches where players have brain cells. People have justified its inclusion for years by pointing to the most idiotic of players who seem to run into friendly explosives or nade down teammates regularly. With reflective damage, players would still need to be careful with their explosives. And they wouldn't get griefed by assholes. Possibly, but trying to get someone to kill you is much more difficult than killing them yourself.
  12. I don't think friendly fire is very important for competitive Halo. It's not an active part of the game. It's mostly used for griefing/trolling.
  13. What if you could throw your weapons at people? You blow through a clip while someone's shooting you and instead of reloading, you take a chance and fucking whip it at them for a lethal blow. You can also toss your weapon to teammates from across the map.
  14. I'd much prefer if Halo BR was its own game altogether. This way the mechanics can be built from the ground up with that sort of gameplay in mind, and they wouldn't have to worry about intruding on Infinite's experience (like WZ did with H5). Unfortunately, they will probably just try to cram it into Infinite. Although with all this extra dev time, it could possibly work out this time around.

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