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  1. People on waypoint already blaming competitive players for lack of assassinations. Makes no sense.
  2. Dual needlers was pretty great not gonna lie.
  3. The needler was always meant to be a silly ass campaign weapon. Idk why players want it to be good in a mutiplayer setting. It will either be useless or OP.
  4. Honestly a spray weapon with homing bullets deserves to suck.
  5. I'm just eager to feel the aiming. It's probably the only deal breaker for me.
  6. Jeez no wonder I couldn't hear any randoms in the CGB. 343 has voice chat set to "team only" by default for some stupid reason.
  7. I'm happy to see parkour maps and puzzle maps getting some love on the browser. Could play this stuff all day.
  8. By the time my team respawns and gets into position to break their setup, they would have already gained those 20 seconds and possibly more. So the obvious choice is still play the ball. I think it would work better if your team loses time. Then you would have some options to weigh.
  9. Wait, so I don't need to drop the flag to activate my pocket OS? Thanks 343!
  10. I see the same handful of mini games. Where's the Ninja Warrior courses and jump maps? I want some challenge at least.
  11. You know what? Let's just get rid of the kill feed altogether.
  12. TIL siege favors the shooter. Hooray!
  13. H2 definitely had bots and they were always on my team. Never could get past rank 35 back in the day.
  14. Why aren't more people talking about the completely broken spawns? I don't see it being talked about enough anywhere. Maybe everyone just thinks this is how it was back in the day?
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