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  1. Teleportation grenade: you throw it and teleport to wherever it lands.
  2. Wanted to get back into platformers and started with Celeste. God damn this is so much fun.
  3. Yeah but I've noticed this forum does a complete 180 and kisses the ass of any 343 employee that comes around here.
  4. I have a theory that all of the abilities were added in an effort to turn Halo 5 into a flashy eSports title. Do you guys remember all of the eSports talk pre-launch? That's what they were hyping it up to be. This is also the reason they made the sniper so piss easy. They designed the game to be a spectacle.
  5. Not just that. The guy said getting flanked in any way is a cheap way to die.
  6. I can't with this guy on Waypoint. I just want to blow my brains out reading his posts.
  7. At this point, a good Halo game would just be a bonus. I've waited too long and pretty much moved on from the franchise. My heart isn't in it anymore. R6 Siege fulfills all of my competitive FPS needs these days. A truly one of a kind game.
  8. No offense bro but you are the ugliest motherfucker I have ever seen. If I didn't know any better I'd assume your mom was a titty waitress at Hooters, got pregnant, was fired for her slump appearance, then couldn't afford an abortion so she had the local kids try and whack her bulging fetus like a piñata.. only you survived and that's how you ended up with such a disfigured face. Either that or you got baptized with scolding hot coffee. I bet if a blind kid felt your face he'd be asking why there's a pizza on this camel's ass. Shit's disgusting bro, get it sorted or at least wear a bucket over your head or something. Peace.
  9. Probably not. But my argument isn't that crouch jumping is more skillful. It's that clamber removes the consequences of missing jumps. That's why it lowers the skill gap
  10. "I gotta work on my clamber" - no one ever
  11. Clamber has nothing to do with the 'skill' part.
  12. You do realize that maps are designed around the movement mechanics and not the other way around, right? Anyway, teleporters and mancannons are some obvious solutions.
  13. Sprint is not needed in any mode or map, no matter how big. What an uncreative solution for a series like Halo
  14. I don't think we can blame Halo's design decisions on any group of people. 343 simply just does shit they want to do. Nobody asks for this stuff.

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