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  1. Halo's humor died with Johnson. I feel people underestimate how integral he was in keeping things light-hearted. Damn you Marty, why'd you kill him off?
  2. Anyone playing Metroid Dread? As my first 2D Metroid experience, it's very fun. Once I start playing it's hard to stop.
  3. In one of the leaks I'm sure I saw Forge will have damage modifiers. I'm not 100% though.
  4. Well if we're going to have a not-so-difficult BR, then everything falls on the sniper.
  5. H5 was definitely a GaaS, it was just called #sustain instead.
  6. Is this confirmed? I wouldn't be surprised since 343's ego is too damn big to let the community handle the settings.
  7. 343 has been pissing on my childhood for too long
  8. If we all migrate to r/Halo, our voices will be heard. Let's go my fellow Spartans!
  9. Hell nah. I don't think I've ever felt satisfied getting a kill in H2A. Game is straight easy mode. It's definitely not above NBNS Reach.
  10. There was no good money to be made in Halo back then even at the highest level. It was for the love of the game.
  11. Some of the greatest Halo players wouldn't exist if they followed that logic. It's not all about money.
  12. I want to play chess where if I'm up too many pieces, my opponent gets to randomly yeet one of them off the board.
  13. I'm already sick of the rapid fire shooting from the magnum and commando. Is that what I'm gonna be hearing 24/7
  14. I thought the strafe was being praised during the last flight? Did they fuck it up?
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