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  1. Any Halo 3 playlist. This extends to Halo 2 as well from what I've seen. Wonky ass spawns. I've even spawned into enemy fire.
  2. Why are spawns so broken in Halo 3? I'm constantly spawning next to my teammate like I'm playing CE or something. Even if they're currently in a gun battle. I could swear it was never like that in OG.
  3. There's an FFA variant, for H2A at least. Not sure about the others.
  4. Reach actually had respectable population numbers (maintained about ~70% of H3's). H4 is where things really tanked.
  5. I went ahead and purchased the 65" CX along with the Best Buy warranty and burn-in is included in the coverage. It was an extra $500 but at least I'll be sleeping easier at night. Amazing TV btw.
  6. I hope this won't be the case for MCC. I think it has a very different playerbase than H5. I want to be able to experience all those classic custom games from back in the day and possibly make new friends. Honestly, I think the custom browser will give MCC a sense of community which it desperately needs. To anyone who was around when El Dewrito was popping, what did that browser consist of?
  7. Ahh ok. I never browsed the Forge section so I had no idea there was lots of drama there.
  8. All the forgers should migrate over here if these are the sort of discussions that take place. Never thought about map design like this.
  9. Yep. It highlighted important things without intruding on the night theme too much.
  10. What if they brought back the VISR system from ODST?
  11. And at least the day/night cycle is a thing. Wandering Halo at night is always a treat. I hope they eventually add dynamic weather as well.
  12. So apparently Infinite won't have multiple different biomes like desert, snow, swamp, etc. The entire ring will just be forest. Kind of a missed opportunity there, but that's about what I'd expect from these people.
  13. You're right, I tend to block Reach out of my mind for all of its negative aspects. It definitely continued that tradition. Destiny is similar. Bungie is just masterful at this sort of stuff.
  14. How barebones do you guys think Infinite will launch? I just want a Halo game to launch with the amount of player interconnectivity that rivals Halo 3. AND THAT HONESTLY SHOULD NOT BE THAT DIFFICULT. IT'S BEEN 14 YEARS.
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