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  1. Remember when Dan Ayoub vanished from the face of the earth after MCC released? It was like the guy went into witness protection.
  2. So camping in a corner and knowing where my opponent is pushing me from long before I see him is somehow a fair engagement? C'mon.
  3. Radar should stay in FFA, but that's it. No radar or footstep noise in ranked. That's free information and leads to bad gameplay. Played the H5 1v1 playlist today and everyone just soundwhores because your footsteps sound like a fucking mantis. It's ridiculous.
  4. They need to scrap radar for good and implement a ping system into Halo similar to R6: Siege.
  5. Now I just want to sprint around and shoulder bash little kids.
  6. The thought of players sprinting around Chill Out makes my blood boil
  7. All SR-152's will also be getting something in Infinite. Not sure what it could be. I'm guessing an exclusive armor set.
  8. Really impressed with the CE stream. I'm not really part of that community but I'm happy for you guys. 2 PoV's is perfect IMO.
  9. They gotta change those gamertags asap. Who's idea was that? Haha
  10. Clans haven't been cool since Halo 2.
  11. It really sucks that the aiming is shit because I greatly enjoyed the feel of H5's magnum and landing "perfects". I talk a lot of shit about H5 but I would have played it wayyyy more if it kept the beta aiming.
  12. You're thinking of the throwback CE playlist. They left abilities in on CE maps. It was truly autistic.

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