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  1. Yeah I can understand pros moving to the game where they could make the most potential money, but as soon as MLG dropped Reach, every single one of them should have been back on Halo 3.
  2. They should repurpose thruster where instead of a sudden lateral move, it just gives you more air control. That way you can strafe in the air like you can on the ground. Players will have normal jumps or they can activate thrusters mid-jump. Your thrusters will have a limited supply so you're not gliding around the map like fucking princess peach. Combine this with wall jumps and things could get interesting.
  3. Anyone who says they won't buy a Halo game if it doesn't have sprint is a liar. I hear that defense all the time from casuals and I know it's bullshit. Casuals will buy every mainline Halo game no matter how it plays.
  4. This guy sounds half bot half human the way he types.
  5. "Why should I need all these things that kill my argument?"
  6. Well, the first sequel (Thousand Year Door) was everything a sequel should be. It maintained the core gameplay formula while delicately adding mechanics that complimented that core. After that though it was all downhill. They removed turn-based battles, the badge system, EXP, partner system, connected world, shops, etc. Not all at once but slowly overtime. All in the name of "innovation".
  7. This is how I feel with Paper Mario.
  8. If there's one place you'll never change anyone's mind it's Twitter.
  9. Atriox is a beast. Tartarus who?
  10. I can't wait to play ODST and its firefight on PC.
  11. I'm not really seeing how he dismantled anything. In order to maintain some decent momentum in H5, you are completely restricted to forward movement as he showed in the video. I don't think I need to explain why that isn't optimal for Halo's combat... unless you want to be moving towards who you're shooting at all times. The clamber argument is also not convincing. "It's totally possible to avoid clamber for most jumps, you just have perform this a bit more cumbersome jump". And even then, clamber is not 100% avoidable for even the best players. This video does not dismantle the idea that H5's movement is more restrictive. But I appreciate ShyWay's attitude.
  12. CE is the only campaign I can replay indefinitely. It has the most satisfying combat in the series. The weapons POP and are damn powerful, the grenades, the melees, the blood... so damn good. The sound design has that extra umph to it that other Halos don't have. ODST is second for its great characters, music, and atmosphere.
  13. So not only do you fall off Lockout (which nobody does), but you do it frequently enough to want clamber in Halo 2? Do you not have thumbs?
  14. Oh cool. If that's the case and they end up fixing it, I'll definitely boot up some H2 customs.

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