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  1. I'm honestly surprised a ping system hasn't been introduced to Halo yet. It makes complete sense from a gameplay and lore perspective.
  2. Nah you're right. Bungie was just a bunch of chubby-faced casuals.
  3. come on! Hurt me already!!!!!
  4. They're gonna announce Infinite test flights starting this Fall.
  5. Siege is in no way easily accessible to casuals though. I'd argue it's worse than H5 in that regard.
  6. What irks me is that 343 seems to be going with the TU settings not because they understand why bloom is detrimental to the game, but simply because it's what they heard the most. The studio isn't capable of critical thought and it pisses me off. REGARDLESS, I'm glad they're choosing TU.
  7. Is dodging players still a thing (dashboarding), or did they fix that? It made high ranks mean nothing.
  8. Are people really denying that thrust makes escaping easier
  9. H3 AR was perfect. Worked in very close range and was a clean-up weapon when you burnt through a BR clip.
  10. There was never any indication that 343 was removing sprint or spartan abilities. Don't get your hopes up just because the art style for an engine teaser had a more classic look. I fully expect to be disappointed
  11. This is the sort of nuance that makes H4 a deep game.
  12. If there's one thing I'd change about H4, I'd make instant spawns faster. I want the guy to spawn in even before I finish killing him.
  13. This is a great way to describe H5. Frustrating. I can only play the game in short bursts, even if I'm winning most matches. And since the aiming has never felt right to me either, that just makes it 10x worse. It's the only game where my right thumb will literally start getting sore for simply aiming. Really fucked because I enjoy the overall feel of the H5 pistol (always have), but the surrounding experience ruins it. Not true, Beast is right. When pushed to its competitive limits H5 still functions like a Halo game should. So I would never call it "unbalanced" I guess. Just infuriating.

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