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  1. I remember using that exploit in some puzzle maps. I'm pretty sure only the host could do it too.
  2. That's cool and all but what makes you think smoke nades won't just turn into frustrating bullshit like 90% of Halo items? You need to think about the repercussions too, not just tactical applications. There's a reason H3 equipment was taken off the maps even though they offered plenty of tactical potential.
  3. Smoke nades? Meh, I don't think Halo's gameplay calls for those sort of tactics.
  4. Sometimes I watch the old trailers over and over to convince myself that Halo is still badass and relevant.
  5. It annoys me to see so many apologists placing the blame on the fans for buying Cyberpunk on an old console. What a shit take. If the game was advertised to work on certain hardware then it should be expected to work on that hardware. No excuses.
  6. I don't really care what ugly armor they add, but if they're removing original cosmetics then that's a problem.
  7. All I ask is that Infinite has proper fucking aiming. If it has proper aiming I will probably enjoy it.
  8. "We already knew the demo looked like shit but we appreciate the feedback nonetheless." Yeah ooooook. The game was releasing in a few months.
  9. It blows my mind that it's almost 2021 and games still have not reached the level of interconnectivity that Halo 3 offered.
  10. Will do. I was looking at the CX model which supports 2.1.
  11. Anyone have an LG OLED TV? Been thinking of getting one when I upgrade to next gen.
  12. It should be top priority along with mod support. Halo is nothing without its community.
  13. Can they release the custom browser already? I wanna have some wacky Halo fun.
  14. I wouldn't be opposed to 343 revamping the ranking system. The Halo 2 ranks are nostalgic to me, but if it has to be done
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