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  1. Is the ping system for Apex sorta like Siege? Just aim somewhere and mark the spot? I think that would be good enough. Remove radar and put that shit in.
  2. Not sure that would do enough. The main problem with thrust is it destroys ranged combat due to its escape window. Players don't have to respect getting nicked by the magnum from far away. I'd make it so that if you're half shields or lower, thrust is disabled. This way players will have to commit to their position when caught with their pants down.
  3. This guy's content is top notch, and it turns out he's a Halo fan. Had no clue. Also his LOTR and A:TLA videos are golden if you're a fan of those series.
  4. Power items have little to do with the skill gap. If players are consistently outshooting you for the power items, then there's a good chance they're already better than you. Power items don't allow "worse" players to perform at your level because worse players won't be grabbing items consistently. It would be true if fighting for power items was a roll of the dice, but it's not. Not even close.
  5. I totally scrap my healing beam idea in favor of some sort of vampire mechanic. Sounds like it would function way better for gameplay.
  6. I imagine you can use it at any range so long as you have a teammate in your line of sight. The sad reality is fighting against any sort of healing mechanic, whether balanced or not, will be frustrating for the other party. Since this weapon is fought over, players hopefully won't be as frustrated since they have time to plan around it. Contrast this to H3 regen where a player can seemingly pull one out of his ass at random. The idea here would be to help teamshoot like normal when enemies are in your sight, and using the replenisher for moments where you can't help teamshoot. For example, pushing green hall on Pit next to your teammate, it wouldn't make sense to use it when you can offer immediate firepower. But if your teammate is pushing green hall while you happen to be at sword or tower, you can replenish him while he engages. Yeah you'd still die easily to other powerful weapons, stickies, multiple frags, etc. The problem I have with an instantaneous heal is it would be very difficult to time it right. You'd have to wait til a teammate is low/no shields then hit your shot before he dies.
  7. I never liked how H3's regen was implemented. Players didn't have to go out of their way to get one, and there was no tell. Whenever a player dropped one I would just roll my eyes, much like the bubble shield. The difference with my gun is you fight over it and it puts you down a man in terms of firepower. Agreed, this is the type of gameplay I'd like to avoid. I feel as long as there's other incentives that promote map cycling, trying to camp and cheese won't be viable. The way I'm imagining it is it would give a player more of a chance against multiple opponents, but at the same time not being a complete powerhouse (so basically like all other power items in Halo). It would require some delicate balancing in terms of the replenish rate, and ammo capacity.
  8. I enjoy the Siege community because everyone communicates. However, they'll invite you to their party or vice versa. Game chat is rarely used.
  9. Is it really that inappropriate? Energy shields are a huge part of Halo, and we already have things like OS. I'm not familiar with OW so I can't really comment. Thing is, the playstyle would be a bit more versatile than camp back and heal teammates (especially in objective). You could still go engage enemies, and switch to it when you have some downtime. Like a passive power weapon. This weapon would have a sort of cheese nature to it, but don't all power weapons? The skillful part it fighting for it. I have no idea if it would work or be a complete disaster since Halo has never seen these sort of support weapons. The main reason I thought of this idea is because Halo is seriously starved of creative weaponry. It was a breath of fresh air when they introduced things like the nade launcher in Reach, and the Plasma Caster in H5. We need moar.
  10. It would be a power weapon you fight over. Inflicting damage for healing capabilities is an interesting concept. Like a precision rifle with two modes. Sounds more like a niche weapon tho.
  11. New power weapon idea I've thought about for the past week: Shield Replenisher Functionality: Shoots a continuous beam that replenishes the shield of a teammate. Beam must be directly hitting your teammate to take effect (aim assist will be applied to your teammates for the purposes of this weapon). Design Goal: To introduce new ways to support teammates besides pure firepower. This would hopefully bring a new tactical element to matches by sacrificing firepower for increased survivablility of your teammates. Playstyle: Ideally the wielder would stay away from direct combat while keeping one or multiple teammates in their line of sight to assist when needed. But How Powerful? I'm thinking that it should replenish one's shield around the same rate as Halo 3's regenerator, maybe faster. This would give your teammate a mostly guaranteed victory in a 1v1, and he would also stand a much better chance in a 1v2/1v3 scenario. However, just like with Halo 3's regen, focus fire from multiple enemies will be his demise. Other details: This weapon has limited ammo and does not overheat. Has no effect on enemies. In the case of there being more than one shield replenisher on the map, these effects do not stack. Does not replenish an overshield. Can I get any opinions? Could this be viable? OP? Pointless? @Boyo what do you think?
  12. It probably was the right move for both sides to reach an understanding. I just don't blame Multi for not wanting to given the trolllololol vibes of their posts. You can't come across as uncivil in your forum posts and then expect people to believe you're civil in party chat (which they most likely are, but that's not the point).
  13. Yeah but I don't blame them one bit for not wanting to after seeing all the posts you guys made these last few pages.
  14. A trend I've noticed during this debate is there really hasn't been a direct back and forth between two people, quotes and all. There's been some, but not enough to reach a concensus. It's like people keep hopping in and out of the debate at random. It'd be easier to follow the debate and points being made if everyone directly addressed and [multi]quoted each other instead of dropping walls of text.
  15. I think you guys are taking the fact that shot lead is less intuitive than hitscan and labeling that as inconsistency. There is nothing inconsistent about projectiles. If I whiff a whole clip in PUBG against someone running across a field, I'm not going to blame the inconsistency of projectiles, I'm going to blame the inconsistency of my own shot. If I'm doming people left and right in H5 I'm not gonna praise hitscan, I'm gonna praise my own shot.

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