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  1. What if camo duration increased with each kill?
  2. If you're aware of me before I've put a bullet in you, then I'm not getting the jump on you...
  3. If you're aware of me before I flank then it's no longer a flank. DUMMY
  4. Yup it's just not necessary. The issue with sprint arguments is that a fast base speed is better in every way. I have to constantly explain to H5 kids that adding penalties to basic movement works against the very "freedom" they preach about.
  5. I'm telling you man, Shyway is slowly breeding an army. I've noticed a surge in confidence when it comes to these kids. His videos reinforce their love for a dead game so they cling to those arguments for dear life even in the face of common sense.
  6. I'm pretty sure the XB1 port will eventually hit a memory limit and will stop being supported in a few years anyway. Idk how shit works that's just my guess.
  7. "It's a risk/reward thing" - some H5 guy
  8. Is Destiny fun as a solo player? Always wanted to get into it
  9. I can't help but imagine the Halo 4 ending scene with Chief walking into the Spartan IV facility. That's how I picture Joe walking into 343 headquarters.
  10. I'm planning to spend $180 on three years of XBL Gold then transfer it all to Game Pass Ultimate at a 1:1 ratio. Three years of GPU for only $180 is a steal.
  11. I'd pay to know what those conversations are like
  12. Charge players to view theater clips.
  13. Agreed. The nameplate makes sense since it's something they made.
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