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  1. Am I really crazy for not noticing anything with the aim in this game or Halo 5? Like, what do you guys feel is wrong with it? Seems the same as any other console game to me. Obviously it feels better on PC, but that's because mouse > controller.
  2. He's underperforming in this game and seems to complain a lot and make excuses. At least that's how I see it and it's a shame. OpTic should have dropped him long ago though, but Flamesword has never been one to just quickly drop someone. Which is unfortunate for him with the situation he is now in. But, he's been grinding throughout the day trying to make anything work. Meanwhile, Maniac has been with whatever girl he flew in. And now Flamesword said he's just in his bed watching streams instead of trying to scrape anything together.
  3. Definitely tier one commentary. This is some entertaining shit. Dude that was shitting on Halo commentary earlier needs to hear this. Can we get a best of compilation of these dudes?
  4. I really wish we could just map our own button setup. For all the settings there is one button config I do not like. Such as with Bumper Jumper if I could make the left stick sprint and then have crouch be A. I do own a Scuf, but personally do not like to use it. The paddles are always awkward to me no matter how much I use them.
  5. Even worse since it's motion sensor. Really lame that they put radar on in competitive, making it more "casual" friendly I suppose. Even though those guys will just hangout in Team Slayer.
  6. Same size, they just modify default controllers.
  7. Definitely rooting for Team Revenge and the underdog story. Really started to enjoy the team watching them at NA Regionals.
  8. To me it seems, he was referring to the "wave of new pros" comment. No way to really tell though. Wish Goofy would turn on his stream while playing with Ninja and the boys, used to love watching him compete.
  9. Used to play a lot of Magic: The Gathering as a young kid and like the card "Llanowar Elves" which is the artwork in my avatar.
  10. Nothing new, it's more appealing as a viewer to watch a winning perspective. He even jokes around at the end saying "You win one game, you win the series."
  11. Looks like OpTic is finally scrimming. Playing CLG right now with Assault and Cloud streaming from each teams perspective.
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