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  1. What we need is ESPN eSports to write an article about it. That will certainly get 343's attention
  2. Im not so sure about that, my friend. I don't think theres a team outside of Tuscaloosa that could hold AU's run game under 270 yds. Kam Pettway is just too much too handle. Don't even get me started on our defense.
  3. I'm predicting an 8-4 season, which isn't enough to get Gus fired. Welp. Guess we'll have to wait one more year!
  4. So we start the season with Clemson and end with Alabama. Greeeeeeaaaatttt. 2 weeks till game one against Clemson and we don't have a starting QB
  5. I love how Cratos was the only one on his team to stand up and trash talk after the game and he was the only one on his team to go negative
  6. Watch the scene again and look at the sails. Tyrell and Martell ships are there. House Tyrell has one of the largest fleets in Westeros with Oldtown and all.
  7. not saying he's good by any means. Just saying we could have worse
  8. Don't get all the SS hate. Watching week 3 was unbearable. Elamite had to speak the whole time and when Towey spoke, it was short, obvious sentences. Still waiting on T2 to join the booth
  9. I want Optic to be so go so bad, but it looks like they need to clean house. Ace is the only one on the team thats been showing up the past few weeks. I'd love to see a team like Ace, Naded, Huke, Bubu Dubu. I get wet thinking about it.
  10. My favorite team barely loses to CLG and my least favorite beats CLG
  11. They need to get some young guys to revitalize that team. As a longtime OG fan (BO2 days), its upsetting seeing them struggle so much
  12. Optic is so frustrating to watch. They play so unbelievably slow. They'll never be competitive in a game as fast as H5 with their archaic strategy. On the flip side, e6 is the opposite. Bubu and Huke literally fly across the map with no fear. They'd be much better with a veteran leader instead of Cratos
  13. I'm thinking all of those things happen
  14. Best episode of the entire series. Cinematography was absolutely beautiful. The way the battle was depicted was scary accurate as well
  15. The first part of his conversation with Brienne reminded me of s2 Jaime
  16. I've got it. The episode was titled "No One" because no one's theories were right.
  17. Biggest disappointment is that Jaime is still a dick.
  18. My exact response when someone goes "In S1E3, X character said this. (stupid tinfoil theory) CONFIRMED" After that episode, I'm not quite sure that Cleganebowl is a thing. I just don't see how the direction of his story can lead him to be fighting for the faith.
  19. I'm buying into this theory. Forget my previous Jaqen post. I can't find it, but in one of the trailers there was an image of someone with a bloody hand wiping their blood on the wall while heading down a dark hall/alleyway.
  20. S5E10 The scene where Arya goes blind and "Jaqen" drinks the poison. The waif is standing behind Arya asking "why are you crying? He is not your friend." and then it is Jaqen who says "He was no one". Wearing the same clothes. I think the really good faceless men can do more than change faces. Theres more about their organization that we (Arya) do not know. Edit: Also in that scene, when Arya is pulling the faces off of dead Jaqen, she gets to her face. Who's to say that a faceless man as trained as Jaqen can't wear a face of someone who is still alive
  21. So Arya: 1. Didn't have needle 2. Was walking funny that entire episode 3. Somehow obtained a lot of money Starting to think that wasn't Arya, but it was Jaqen Thoughts?
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