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  1. What we need is ESPN eSports to write an article about it. That will certainly get 343's attention
  2. Im not so sure about that, my friend. I don't think theres a team outside of Tuscaloosa that could hold AU's run game under 270 yds. Kam Pettway is just too much too handle. Don't even get me started on our defense.
  3. I'm predicting an 8-4 season, which isn't enough to get Gus fired. Welp. Guess we'll have to wait one more year!
  4. So we start the season with Clemson and end with Alabama. Greeeeeeaaaatttt. 2 weeks till game one against Clemson and we don't have a starting QB
  5. I love how Cratos was the only one on his team to stand up and trash talk after the game and he was the only one on his team to go negative
  6. I know I'm a few pages late to the party but here is my opinion on crime in the inner city. I actually wrote a speech for a class on this very topic. I wanted to leave out problems at home/absence of parents because people get all offended when you tell them how to raise their kids. Also, because it was supposed to be from an educator's standpoint. I'll tl;dr it for you The three keys to combat inner city violence/crime are as followed. E- Education. It begins in the elementary and middle school classroom. These kids are hardly encouraged to pursue a career that requires a higher level of education. Imagine if these kids grew up wanting to be teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. rather than wanting to be rappers, thugs, pro athletes (don't get me wrong, athletics are great, but kids shouldn't but all their eggs in one basket). Crime rates would drop exponentially. O- Opportunity. Once these kids have found what they want to do, they take the initiative to go do it, which leads to educational/employment opportunities. I-Income. Its no secret that someone who has a well paying job and a good career is less likely to commit a crime. Generally steady income = happiness and happiness= less crime. Also, my FB friends experiment result: DT-62 HC-9 I live in Alabama, so I'm not surprised at the outcome.
  7. Saw a post on FB that said "Hillary should fire the DNC chair over these leaked emails." Oh the irony.
  8. That's not a bigoted statement though. Simply voicing your opinion doesn't make you a bigot. If you were to say "your opinion is dumb, think my way" then you'd be a bigot. (Also ironically if you called someone a bigot because they just said they opposed gay marriage that actually makes you a bigot IMO). I respectfully disagree, however. I walk by faith, not by sight. So faith>Science for me Edit: I also hate the term "bigot" because it causes people not to voice their opinion out of fear of being called a bigot.
  9. The science vs religion is an age old arguement that's just a big headache of both sides. Let's not go there lol. I find that when I and others around me are happiest, I am closer to God. The further from God I get, the more turmoil is in my life. So therefore, I trust that my God will bring me happiness. Also, the happiest families I've ever met were religious. Based on those facts, it's enough of a foundation for me to base my morals. No Christian is perfect, and most don't portray the "beliefs" that they lecture others about. I know this. The Bible says "For we all fall short of the glory of God," but the cool thing about God is the fact that if we ask for forgiveness and work to correct the problem as best as we can, it's all good. Clean slate. I can't speak for other denominations, but I was raised to love everyone and accept people for who they are, regardless of their sin. I was taught to love others like my God loves me and I try (but don't always succeed) to do my best.
  10. Because I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. I am a Christian and it goes against my beliefs. However, were all sinners in the eyes of God so its not my place to judge. If you cannot accept that, then that makes you intolerant/bigoted.
  11. Never said a thing about gay marriage. Personally, I don't think its right, but its not my place to tell someone what they can or cannot do and I don't judge someone based on their orientation. If i were to vote, I'd vote in favor. Please, make your next post on this topic sensible. Trolling just makes you look childish.
  12. In other news: http://www.infowars.com/breaking-rnc-boos-cruz-off-stage-for-not-endorsing-trump/ Cruz encourages voters to "vote their conscience and choose candidates who will uphold their constitutional values" and gets boo'd by Trump supporters for not endorsing. Hardcore Trump supporters are almost as close minded as the far left.
  13. Exactly what I was saying. Libs claim social progress=the general public aligning more and more with their ideals, yet the world is diving into more and more turmoil.
  14. The whole "You're so intolerant/ bigoted" argument is the absolute worst. Calling someone intolerant/bigoted because they don't agree with gay marriage is incredibly hypocritical. Why doesn't intolerant apply when liberals disagree with a conservatives? Its not a coincidence that the more social liberal ideology takes over the general public, the more turmoil there is in the world. That ideology promotes a selfish and entitled attitude that leads to lazy kids that have no respect for superiors. Then, those kids grow up to not respect police authorities and demand $15/ hr for doing the bare minimum at McDonalds. The millennial generation is the most spoiled, entitled bunch of kids I have ever met (I am in education, I'm around 14-18 year olds all the time). The Liberal ideology is to blame.

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