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  1. A ranked playlist with Join In Progress, even by 343 standards this is pretty lame. Did they not figure that most people who quit are on a team that is getting destroyed, and that maybe people wouldn't want every other game to be them joining into a team with 5/8 people that is about to lose.... Edit: Typed as I join a strongholds game losing 77-9
  2. Yeah fair enough, can't really blame you guys. I would do the same
  3. Halo Pros during team changes be like... via Imgflip Meme Maker
  4. Im not sure whether this has already been addressed here or not, but there in no actual penalty for quitting right? I can say I have quit out of several games after the teams become unbalanced, and ive never had to wait to search, deranked, or noticed anything preventing quitting other than the in game message
  5. First thoughts: Going to love the campaign, going to hate the (assumed) overdone multiplayer, same as AW.
  6. We shouldn't be excited about 10k viewers tbh
  7. They perma-ban for criticizing 343? Sounds a lot like Nazi Germany if you ask me
  8. Viewership counts are dropping because we have been watching THE SAME THING since the start of HCS, but thats none of my business *sips tea*
  9. His emotion sounds very fake to me, js
  10. Who are the mods in the @Halo channel? I just got permanently banned for no good reason.
  11. 1. EG 2. Denial 3. Cloud 9 4. CLG 5. Optic 6. Randa 7. Elevate 8. Noble Black
  12. If anybody ever needs somebody to help with testing of Forge maps, please add me. GT: Supernova NY. I love playing/testing new maps and think i can provide some decent input
  13. I'm playing on the Xbox One and as far as entertainment value goes this game is very fun right now. There are new/exciting, high action game modes (heist, blood money) that are a blast to play and squad up with friends. The maps also seemed well balanced, there are a variety of large//medium/small maps, all of which have aspects to fit your play style of choice. If you're looking for competitive play, as with any Battlefield this may not be for you. Fun game though, would recommend Edit: The only thing that isn't great is the lack of variety of guns/gadgets. They are EXACTLY the same as they were in the beta. Slightly disappointing
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