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  1. The last 3 years I've been coaching have been amazing. I've got so much love and respect for the community and i'm so grateful for the bonds I've created with so many incredible people. I know this is extremely vague and I'll write up something more formal later but just wanted to say this for now
  2. http://pro.eslgaming.com/halo/proleague/teams/ OS is on here but LG doesn't have a fourth listed
  3. you and your family are 100% in my thoughts and prayers, I hope she gets better bro
  4. To my understanding str8 and ronin were supposed to start in winners semis on each side of open bracket. IDK if that's still happening though
  5. Where's the meet up at boys Edit: I'm sleepy so I didn't think this all the way through lmao I didn't know if there was a designated meeting spot or not xD
  6. Sorry if this has been talked about or if there's a separate thread for this but how many of my fellow beyonders are going to DH? Would love to meet most of you guys
  7. Obviously if there's 40 teams now vs the 256 before it's easier to be pro but I don't think that's the argument of how much easier it is now to get on a pro team rather than before. Like you said the barrier in previous games was just performing on LAN (I think snipedown and sypher are the only ones that got picked up as an "online kid") you had to pay your way to travel, team with all AMs, compete vs 256 teams, then make it far enough to impress pros. Fast forward to now you have Commonly getting picked up by EG just because he was doing really good online and the structure of halo 5 in the beginning was really online heavy so "online kids" were getting picked up by pro teams left and right. Not to mention in this age we have streaming and other ways of watching people
  8. To be fair ninja doesn't care what he earns money wise he just likes competing. If he cared about optimizing the money he should be making then he would've quit halo after the first HWC lol Honestly I hate this is a thing that's still be talked about, it's clear there's 2 very different opinions on it and like snakebite said it's not the pros hating simply because AMs are getting paid. It's obviously a last ditch effort to help grow the scene and I truly hope it does so and the attendance/viewership increases (if so I fully support it) but only time will tell. It's at the point where everyone is repeating their opinion over and over just throwing in different analogies lol I hope we can all just move on and talk about dreamhack and get even a little bit of hype for it since it SHOULD be an awesome event. Only thing I'm a little ashamed of is if you go on the dreamhack website and look at the esports schedule every single game has their schedule announced for the weekend but halo has "TBA" which just is just bad communication as usual
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