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  1. I am happy for the people who have stuck by this franchise, you deserve it.
  2. I understand completely, but that swagger is very important to AI. Naded ain't that, his career though absolutely. AI is Culture. Carbon still had to dethrone Final Boss just like 01' Sixers/Lakers matchup.
  3. He had a sniper, (equivalent to AIs crossovers) and had swagger/talked shit. They beat FB, AI played the lakers in the finals. I don't know man sorry.
  4. Top ten lists is great talk always imo, was using snipe-down as an example. Is Neighbor KD?
  5. Thank you, that is what I was trying to get across. Players from this era should have that placement bump from that. Post H3 didn't the Suddoth teams become pro or placed high? Get outta here with that. I don't care about the money people have made recently, the money is finally here for tournaments, it's not just 20k and one tourny for 100k a year.
  6. Ummm no Frank, this "dude" is trying to say if we are playing 1v1 and you pick Tim Duncan you are gonna lose. When I rank a top player list I'll take player skill and era they played into consideration over accolades. **** Kobe, Tim Duncan is the greatest PF ever he still wouldn't beat Kobe 1v1. Basketball and Halo aren't perfect comparisons but it's what came to mind. People have Snipedown low on lists like he wasn't best player in the world during the most competitive/most watched era's.
  7. So let's discredit the game that had the most competition, alrighty pal.
  8. He didn't create no culture, he was apart of it. and almost left to Orlando after his rookie contract even with a ring. Greg P. is disappointed in your hot take. You have to start a team you pick a kobe type over a tim d. player because that's fills more holes in your team than the superstar objective player, imo. The correlation doesn't exactly transfer over to halo but its close enough
  9. Also since people are posting top 10 list of all-time, I cannot say having success post Halo 3 isn't as impressive when putting a list together. The game(s) weren't as popular, and the competition wasn't the same. You had 250+ teams at a lot of events in 08.Also, I've seen people about being baffled why Snipedown is ranked so high, look his skill level is one of the greatest to ever play the game. He's like Kobe Bryant, and people have other players ranked higher cause of team success and $$$ i.e. like a Tim Duncan. That doesn't work for me, yeah some of these players are great but I look at the list as the top ten players of all-time, if you had to start a team your gonna pick Snipedown/Ola over a Tim Duncan type, not that a Tim D. is trash because they're not it's just their not gotta beat a Snipedown type in a 1v1.
  10. Can we get a playlist or top 5 tournament games involving Roybox?
  11. I don't agree with your 1st paragraph, too bad we can't go back to the VoD............
  12. Worst team to ever win a tournament. Edit: Excuse my hot take, I should say win a tournament up until Reach came out cause I did not watch most of those tournaments so i can't speak on it.
  13. I will not be purchasing another Xbox console until after a playable Halo shooter comes out..... might be a while......
  14. Really bought this console for this and H5. so for +993 days the joke has been on me.
  15. Jarren Benton Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbI5Zpzi1dA
  16. Got to interview Logic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rka9YZ27I4A
  17. Did you just post a hopsin video link? This is why Halo is trash now. You don't deserve better, you battered wife.
  18. Gojira produces sophisticated metal music? Go take a shower while listening to Run The Jewels dude. Also Drake? What lol?
  19. If you thought the music selection was good, you're wrong. A radish was the best attempt at physical appearance? C'mon man. Do better. https://twitter.com/AdrianRadio93/media
  20. Cool bro, enjoy your "rock" music from 2012 you herb. Edit: Noticed you have this posted on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKWSM9eoC4E So yeah, I was right. You're a herb. It's 2017, rock music was the still the choice and it's corny. Leave that shit back where it belongs, which is a place where only 480p existed.
  21. 2017 and we're still using whack rock songs. Stop ignoring hip-hop, Shook On3 forever.
  22. Or that people aren't trying to stare at a PC monitor or be at a computer desk to have fun.
  23. Made this: https://soundcloud.com/cleheavyweight/the-underground-presents-the-kendrick-lamar-playlist
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