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  1. Are you looking to play in the upcoming HCS online cup? Hmu : Flishy Flash
  2. As for right now, it will primarily be for online events, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't want to go to LAN's, would just depend on how things went. Mostly play evening and nights. Hit up me (Flishy Flash) or IamRif. Thankssssss
  3. Springfield Mo, here. Don't see any too close besides Joplin. Hopefully this'll spurt some southwesterners.
  4. Hey man, to2 looking to run. I'll be on solo tonight if you're interested. From Springfield Mo, btw, so kinda close. Hmu
  5. I have a T02, and I will be on to run this evening/tonight if you're down. Hmuuuu. P.s. Did you go to a pro vs. Joes? If yes, I think you were there with my roommate.
  6. I have a T02 and would love to run. I will be on tonight, though my partner will not. Hmu: FlishyFlash
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