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  1. Personally think that Team Randa will be better online than they will be on LAN, BUT I still think they will be good either way. Ps, can someone link me to or post the goldenboy gif
  2. The Halo scene/community has been bigger and more engaged in the last 2 weeks that it has been in the last 2+ years combined. We Back (idk how to do the emote on mobile)
  3. Can't catch a break! Care to share what route you will be taking next?
  4. You can't lose in a H2 match w/ 2gre on your team. Its just not possible.
  5. Ninja should take Munoz (hope I spelt that correctly) spot on eLe.
  6. I'm not even worried about Aries and Arkanum.. They have been here before several times trying to scrap together teams and it's worked well. Arkanum proved at finals he can slay against anyone... he'll get his. As for Ninja, I just hope he finds a respectable team. I hear all these negative things about him on here, which I don't get..
  7. I know this is probably a joke, but wayyyy to early to judge how any team performs.
  8. Wish these moves would just hurry up and get posted. When is the first online cup for season 2?
  9. Way late on this post, butttttt... This would be awesome, assuming that the 3rd caster is actually a sideline reporter during matches. "It looks like (insert pro here) picked up a paper cut somehow in Game2. Let's see if it hurts him going forward into Shrine Flag."
  10. This was so fast! I think you had this posted 30 seconds after they matched them haha!
  11. Solid pick up for Denial. Now just need to find out if Ryanoob is sticking around or not..
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