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  1. Not a big deal at all. This whole thing is just to showcase the new game.
  2. I also fell for the banana in the tail pipe in thinking this "too good to be true" announcement of all the halo games on one disc would be executed properly. What bothers me the most is how fast I traded in my 360 and all my games to get on the "next gen" system train based on the MCC announcement. The only light at the end of the tunnel for me is that I got the system and game for free from all the store credit I acquired.
  3. Serving in the military or being a dad is not an immunization shot for receiving criticism. Especially if you bring it upon yourself.
  4. I can't see flamesword, assault, and ace disbanding. That's a lot of built in team chemistry to just forgo for the "hope" of better success.
  5. I know what the smurfs are just wasn't sure why that was the term. Seen it a few times on this forum. Thanks for the info.
  6. Will the next cup be for 6k? Or do the players miss out on a possible +3k prize pool because the game has issues?
  7. This is off topic, and I only recently joined BE because I recognized a bunch of names from the old MLG forums and this is where I can read about competitive halo, but man u4ix has changed. Great post/plea.
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