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  1. I agree with these rankings, except I think denial might pull out 3rd for some reason
  2. Does anyone know where/if I can find a video of the allstar game today? Cause I missed the shit out of it :/
  3. They were running games together? Even though prototype and str8 are on noble? Hmm
  4. I didn't see who was playing on "team rejects" who was it? Ninja Spartan...
  5. Ryanoob naded goofy and randa were scrimming together yesterday, so that may well be a team in the making
  6. If you ask me they are trying to bring in new talent to carry them into top 8 lol.
  7. I have a feeling that denial is gonna be mikwen chig contra and heinz
  8. Then why didn't you just that in the first place? Suspect. Haha I was thinking cloud to Clg anyways if they want more slaying power
  9. I disagree, by going to c9 if they can play well I think they will be another contender with CLG making it more interesting to watch, the more teams that have a shot at dethroning EG the better for the viewers and the game
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