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  1. Anyone need a 4th for G4G? I can practice on Fridays and Saturdays all day. I have the days off from work and really want to go. GT: The New FN Show
  2. I put it up on my file share if anyone wants it. Gt: The New FN Show
  3. I ended up just moving the lift down 4 clicks and it fixed the issue. Just need to test it now.
  4. Yea this is the first map I've made so I didn't know how to adjust it so it didn't go so high.
  5. Here's a remake of The Pit from Halo 3 I've been working on. This is an exact remake all the sight lines are the same all the jumps are the way they were in Halo 3. I used the spawns from Halo Reach MLG V7 settings. I set up Slayer, CTF, Assault and Oddball. If anyone wants to help me out with testing it, I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Team Name: Off Constantly Winner: Off Constantly Round Number: 2 ET Score: 2 - 0
  7. Gamertag: The New FN Show Customs/MM: Both Region: US Michigan
  8. My XBC is TheNewFNShow I'll play 4v4 or FFA. @The_New_FN_Show
  9. I'm looking for people to play Throwdown with. Everyone I know has stopped playing the game and I'm sick of going in alone in Throwdown. Heres my GT: The New FN Show.
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