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  1. Fortunately for Lethul I am not. I was actually thinking about playing with LOL (I think that's their name still) when they were having trouble finding a 4th, but it really wouldn't have been fair to them not being able to give 150%. *back to lurking*
  2. I am pretty sure Huke won't be old enough until the next CoD. I remember posting on here saying how insanely good he would be in the beginning of h5 :glasses: Oh and no radar >
  3. The kid is an elite gamer, if I was a top team I would honestly give him a shot and teach him Halo. When it comes to raw FPS skill he is unbelievable. I teamed with him for a few months in AW and his mechanics were unmatched. On top of that he is 15 (maybe 16 now?) and he is one of the most mature players i've played with.
  4. Who's looking like the best teams in h5 so far? Haven't been able to watch much, thanks in advance
  5. Just having fun waiting for Black Ops 3 to come out, Halo 5 is really fun though
  6. I laughed but there is a low chance I come back, found some things out and I just don't see it happening. I lurk these forums and post on occasion because I like to stay in the Halo loop and its cool to see how friends are doing. <3
  7. A few people have, but everyone wants someone that will be 100% dedicated and focused on Halo throughout the year, which is understandable. I am still waiting on other announcements and timelines do decide if I can actually do it. It's going to be awesome to see console FPS thrive next year! Edit: Yes Tickle, c9/clg/coL/TL/TSM/EG/ and orgs like that will be involved which I am very happy about, most of the CoD orgs suck right now lol
  8. Yea that sounds accurate, but i'm almost positive MLG will hold events as well as a few others and I know they want to involve crowd-funding. I don't think that is RIP Halo though, it's good that both CoD/Halo are heading in the right direction
  9. I believe that 3 mil is only from Activision, MLG/Gfin/UMG/ESL/etc will still be involved and having tournaments
  10. No Halo is going in the right direction and it is awesome to see. Next year should be amazing for both CoD/Halo, but I have to go practice now have a goodnight people <3
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