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  1. I haven’t been following the Halo scene since the H5 finale. Is there anyplace I can find the rosters for STL? The front page in this thread only said coming soon.
  2. And nobody seems to answer. Meaning no one knows? @@TiberiusAudley
  3. Are there any pros streaming their scrims nowadays? If that’s the case, are their past broadcasts open?
  4. I think it’s nice that Cratos is back. Makes the scene more interesting. #drama
  5. Who was the fourth guy on RC? Apart from the sudds and frosty
  6. Don’t remember exact, but I think only 1 extra GB. I’m maybe mixing it up with some other game. I wanted to say 3,4 GB first.
  7. Yes, please! Hopefully they are considering forge maps after this. Edit: Maybe that Sanctuary that Ryanoob is trying to make competitive.
  8. Well... But one figured they’d have learned by now. And I know they did take photos of the stats at London.
  9. HCS London stats hasn’t been released yet. Which is weird cuz I know each admin at each station was responsible for saving stats and I think they all did too. But I guess not?
  10. Especially if they can’t find a fix for “Heavy aim”. Haven’t seen anyone say Xbox One X fixes this problem yet. Contra said it still exists.
  11. Does it gets heavier and less responsive over time playing, like normally or is it just it felt “meh” cuz it’s Halo 5s aiming system?
  12. The French is so much better on LAN Edit: Amazing video @@MultiLockOn
  13. What annoys me the most about this is that they first offer Multi the job and he accepts it. And then they do a 180 when they found out stuff they don’t like about him. I mean, you don’t promise a person work and give him time to quit his current job and move and stuff and then just say, “You are never welcome here, ever!”. If they promised you the job and then they found out stuff they don’t like, they should of course tell you that it is not acceptable for a 343i employee to say or think stuff like that, but they should at least give you a chance to prove why you are the right man for the job. And if it doesn’t work out, so be it. But they should not just close the door when it has been open all the way just before. Not fair play at all.
  14. It was really cool to finally be able to attend a Halo event. (Last event I was at was a Dreamhack event 6 years ago, playing Counter Strike). Even though I'm not happy with how we played and our placing I had a blast all weekend. So cool to meet a lot of people I have been playing with and against for so many years. And everyone was so chill and nice. I really get what you mean @@Onset about everybody being like a family. It really felt that way, especially at the afterparty I really hope Gfinity gets to host more events in the future cuz I can't wait to go again!
  15. Do you know of anywhere to find the seeding points final standings after the last cup now have been played?
  16. This was a legendary cup, meaning people qualified for it. 8 from last week and 8 from Saturday. One team from last week disbanded therefore only 15 teams. (No I have not read if someone else have answered this already)
  17. So... Halo should have been live on twitch 1,5 hour ago. Still not live.
  18. Apparently there is gonna be one pass up for grabs soon. One team had bought two passes.

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