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  1. It's been a couple of days to gather my thoughts, but initially, and for the most part still, didn't do anything for me. I don't know if I liked the tugging of the nostalgia strings with the familiar music, spaces, and dialogue when we didn't see any gameplay to back it up. On the topic of Chief's armor, I'm fine with it but the chest feels meh and I was never fan of the white 117. The shoulder pieces still feel too big. All in all it feels like a much more natural progression of armor from Halo 3 than what we got in 4/5. I was reminded of this concept art through watching this trailer with his armor and the way he was powered back on: Color of armor =! ignoring classic artstyle The color on the right actually matches Halo 3's but I prefer the lighter green.
  2. No argument there. It's no doubt the best of the 3 prequels. I honestly have a soft spot for TPM since that was my first one in the theater. But I don't care what you're feelings are towards TLJ, Attack of the Clones is objectively the worst one in the saga. lol at thinking the sequels are worse than the prequels.
  3. Nah, they've been releasing toys and comics & books for the new canon from the prequel era and the newer movies have referenced them a good bit. They're also making 12 new episodes for The Clone Wars to be put on Disney+ and celebrated 20 years of The Phantom Menace at Star Wars Celebration last month. Prequels are still pretty relevant for Lucasfilm
  4. Need someone to make a nice Tony Stank gif now
  5. Yep! Looking it up it seems like this Xbox actually came out in 2004. I guess to hype up Halo 2's release? Halo 2 got a special edition blue console in Canada and Asia in 2005.
  6. The pawn shop did a great job in taking care of it. Runs with no problem too. I was actually going in hopes to grab an N64 or Gamecube, but when I saw that I couldn't pass it up.
  7. On the topic of CE I've been meaning to post this. Found this at a pawn shop awhile back and picked up a couple of copies of CE. Didn't play for long because friends and I had bought a bunch of other games. All I'm missing is a CRT tv for the full experience. Almost bought a copy of the Halo 2 steelbook and map pack the other day too but backed out. Thought it was a great way to start my old/retro collection.
  8. I hate coming back after a hiatus. It's like I re-entered pre-Reach Bungie.net.
  9. You'll need Xbox Live Gold so everyone will most likely be together
  10. Mind anyone reading this I love the support and interest of a lot of Halo communities and not just esports. Cosplaying is cool, the smaller communities are great, and I love the story, so this whole thing sounds great on paper to have something for everyone. I like the idea of this, and really wanted to see a more annual, organized Halo Fest that celebrated everything Halo which seems like this, but unless they plan on showing Infinite in June, the timing confuses me and the amount of stops is also odd. It's like they're trying to do their own Star Wars Celebration convention, but Star Wars has the content, active community, and just overall interest to pull it off once a year for now 5 days. Even if they plan on going big with this, I don't see this being successful at all stops, or at least successful enough to warrant a 3 day trip. It does seem like a missed opportunity to turn these into some sort of esports qualifiers, but I guess we still got time for things to change.
  11. There was a social stream today with a few bits of pieces of Infinite discussed. VOD is here: https://mixer.com/Halo?vod=72517605 Spartan customization will be Reach inspired. They said they know a lot of people liked that level of customization and will pleased with what Infinite has. Infinite will have 4 player splitscreen. No details if SP or MP The Slipspace engine was developed with PC in mind when it comes to different hardware combinations. Black undersuits for spartans are confirmed (all parts that aren't metal). The art department is aware the demand for it. Halo 5 players who reach Spartan Rank 152(max rank) will receive an award in Halo Infinite. An other reason for a new engine was that they hit a content limit with Halo 5. 343i will have an internal tournament on an Infinite build at the start of the year. They are in the process of rebuilding their Pro Team and Competetive Halo will play a role in the future.
  12. Is it too late to register a trademark for my heavy breathing meme? Get some rep royalties out of it?
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