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  1. You think he needs Counselling? Ha, I think Ola just had a brief Diva moment, that's all. He didn't mean the whole community I'm sure, just the sarky Kappa droppers(ninjaFanboys)... He's sensitive Ola, which is good, adds Drama
  2. Really? :/ Why does Ola still have a picture of him and the ogre, for his Twitter Icon then?
  3. I wanted to plus this, But I'm all out :/ I actually would like to see that, I think Contra has a lot still to show us
  4. :/ I've run out of negs... But you just wait till tomorrow. I'm gonna tell my mum on you, you oorrible kunt
  5. See you did tell me what to do... But as you apologised I shall no longer think of you as a "orrible basterd, who should be beaten with sticks" . I'm a considerate person with a dark sense of humour. Don't push me, I will troll you death, As I can't punch you in real life :/ lol. Just Kidding I Apologise as well... (I mean it this time, don't make me troll you with devastatingly intelligent posts) Ha
  6. Oh all the time comrade, I enjoy being sardonic. Everyone is biased in their opinions Phade, I'm biased to the fact I feel OLa for Heinz would make CLG a stronger team. You're biased to your opinion that you feel Heinz is being unfairly targeted by me, and I don't understand the intricacies of team strategies, that are only defined by practice, practice, and more practice. I don't realise the various tactics that are intellectualised by going over various scenarios during team play. How with the more practice and the intelligent design by those who study the game. It allows you to beat a team of the same calibre of your own, because you've run through all the variables that could happen. Boss Nasti would be proud of you and Curse the day some idiot calls you a Stopwatch for Hire I like Gaming because It's fun, and I like posting because it's fun I don't like being called out by some autocratic geezer... Who tells me what to do Opinions... All opinions are biased of varying levels, just don't be hypocritical
  7. I gave you a Neg by mistake, meant to give a Plus... Will resolve by giving two thumbs up on previous posts...
  8. I was a bit bolshy with my opinion no doubt, but I feel they were all very reasoned if you read them without bias. I never said I knew best, and if my guile offended your Beige existence, I sincerely apologise. Goodluck getting a successful Team
  9. just defending myself. dank team na I guess I care because I'm new here, and thought this place was not like a Twitch chat. Also Ogre 2 as he's role as a filler (objective/second slayer) on CLG is doing amazing... And all his LAN gameplay footage and Stats attest to this. Feel free to attack my character Rumpelstiltskin, your Deviant schemes don't work on me
  10. Evaluate myself? What? Attacking you? Hmmmmmmm.. nope I don't agree. Why suddenly sensitive? Don't worry you can always go back and neg my old post to make yourself feel better amigo .... That way with such a low reputation, no one will listen to me. And that post's a safe post to neg, because everyone else has that way you can disagree on another post... But show you're displeasure by negging the safe one and Ogre 2 is definitely a top tier player in H2A, the wins and in game coverage support this.
  11. I like the fact that my previous post where I called out the Ogre, to get the Ola, is now -14. Even after I changed it to be more humorous, people are still giving negative rep points... Was what I said really so inflammatory? I Guess I could say now "I hate all you nazi's!!! I hope you all get raped by Badgers that have aids!!!".... But I'm much too even tempered for that. I Ain't going anywhere angry mob, and I still feel Ola for Heinz is the right play. Even if it's insensitive to unrealistic CLG fans, and Mr. Heinz who's a fucking great guy, by the way. Anyway thank you to Jacob and Str8 Kong for going against the Fascist Grain... I'm sure no doubt people will still try and kill me off with negative rep, but if you go back and read everything I've posted... Hopefully you'll see I'm considerate in my opinions, and hopefully you won't go 'Nope, F**ck you Here's some more Negs, Don't you know Heinz is the Messiah?!!!'... Hopefully not :/
  12. Every LAN event the Ogre has shown up and made game saving, pivotal plays (vastly more than Heinz). Online is different because of his crap connection on top of being on Royal2's host, but he's moved to the CLG house now. So hopefully online should be better. I don't like it when people are ignorant to the greatness of the Ogre right now, and I got annoyed about your post on the Simms. As I live in England, But I've looked at your past posts, and I strongly agree with your position on sprint. So I guess I Agree to Disagree
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