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  1. You expect me to trawl through almost 600 pages to find out this piece of basic information?
  2. No I'm being serious, if he's still a top player why hasn't a top 8 team picked him up? Also what is this apparent tournament thats going on today?
  3. I've not paid attention to Halo since 2013, back then Ninja was a top player now he's in a rank 16 team? What the hell happened? Did he stop playing or something?
  4. Primal are out. Oh well. They did well for their first event. They will keep grinding, look for them to do even better next time
  5. They're down 3-2 in the first half of blitz. They need to win this or they're out
  6. Primal need 3 in a row to advance to top 16. Come on.
  7. What do you mean we have kicked 343 in the balls? They've kicked themselves in the balls by making such a trash game. It's only because of people like Ghost that they made it better. Without people like him do you really think they would have listened to us? And even after doing everything he could, the game still blows. People aren't interested in watching it.. sprint ruins it.. the maps are garbo. I'm sorry. I mean props to 343 for hosting the global championship. That was amazing. But do they really expect us to keep playing a broken game simply out of gratitude to them? We've been telling them all along that they're going in the wrong direction. And it took them MONTHS to listen. Now, even the most loyal halo fans are leaving for an older game. They broke halo, in an attempt to get CoD players to leave CoD and play halo.. and in the process they alienated BOTH the competitive halo community, AND the casual community. To put it simply, the game isn't fun, and it isn't competitive. They've tried to please everyone, and in the process they've pleased NO-ONE. Hopefully everyone moving to halo 3 will make them listen. Then again, I doubt it. I imagine that their plan for halo 5 is already set out, and it includes sprint, AAs.. and I'm betting it launches with garbo BtB maps too. The only time 343 will realize that they've messed up is when halo is long dead. And then it won't matter anymore. We'll all have moved to CoD/other games. The only regret any of us should have, is that we moved over to reach. If we had all stuck with halo 3 and ignored reach completely.. perhaps then 343 would have listened. But we left it too late to make our voice heard.
  8. Is ricochet actually viable as a competitive playlist?
  9. I swear Requiem seem to ALWAYS come back.
  10. I made this thread just to ask Blops 2 players what the deal is. Basically I got Blops 2 yesterday, and I'm wondering what sort of skill set this takes, compared to halo. I know that a lot of Halo pros also play CoD, and considering their perspective, it would be good to get their opinion on CoD. Not many CoD pros play halo, in fact none that I know of. People like Nadeshot never really voice an opinion on it. The only thing I've heard said from casual CoD players (including my friends) when they try halo is ---It's too hard! (I think this is because its a 4sk etc, as opposed to an instant kill) From my limited, 17 hour playing of black ops2.. it seems like Swat to me. Map set ups are key, spawn awareness etc, but I've not got into a situation like in halo where you can destroy someone when you're a 1 shot for example. It seems like that sort of thing isn't really the game in blops 2. I know that CoD takes skill at the highest level, but I want to ask people, what skill does it require that is different to halo? For example, what is stopping a player like Formal, who destroys halo, from going to CoD? His shot is BEAST. His map awareness is top level. He understands spawns. So what makes him not as good as CoD pros? This isn't facetious, this is a genuine question.
  11. I know. Looks quite promising for Req, especially seeing as he said that he has barely any hours at school and he can play 6-8 hours every day. Him and Ninja will get ridiculously good chemistry if they're on that much.
  12. Mad props to you Forrest for keeping score
  13. It's just not that fun. If I go into Infinity.. its just so ridiculously random its frustrating. Turn one corner, there's a guy with a sword. Turn another, a guys got a fuel rod cannon. Then in throwdown, it takes about 15 minutes to find a game, people quit out all the time, the maps are bad, sprint ruins it, with no descoping its a joke.. I might play a couple of games every day but I don't do those 4-5 hour sessions that I did in halo 3. The only time h4 is fun is when you get into competitive customs, which are RARE, because no-one actually plays this game.
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