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  1. I've played competitively since H3, have event experience since 2012. Add 'CTRL FLYS' to run games
  2. You put "I'm known" like it means something what are your accomplishments Not interested in teaming, just curious
  3. ContrxL

    NFL Thread

    You say that as if the full playoff picture is set in stone Chiefs will beat the broncos in 2 weeks, and they'll win the division
  4. ContrxL

    NFL Thread

    Chiefs are technically T1 in AFC West
  5. eh, too lazy to scroll through her tweets, she tweets like 1000 times per day but the site was updated though EDIT: I don't know what was updated on the site, that's just what I heard from a lot of different people I just don't understand why they would just randomly tweet about it without it being relevant
  6. ilovebees.com was the viral marketing campaign for halo 2, and it's back up now
  7. The staff at neogaf has confirmed the leaker is legitimate
  8. Why is this breaking news?
  9. the bacon we use at work is frozen, and is really fatty and salty
  10. well i listened to duke and now im fat already. thanks alot But seriously though, I like eating clean, I feel a lot better physically all the time but I am gonna eat the occasional bacon/feta pizza
  11. Nah, I already got low body fat %, plus i like my carbs
  12. Started doing this bulking thing seriously last month, already seein some gainz hopefully it works out Also i work at a pizza place so it'll be a challenge to eat clean, but so far I've been able to resist
  13. There was a snowbound swords FFA killionaire so I don't think it counts
  14. Oh, I thought this was a post asking about our personal best multikills at a tournament Well anyways, halo reach columbus 2012 i got a killtac in FFA's
  15. This thread is for people to openly discuss Dexter Season 8 without worrying about spoiling anybody that hasn't seen it yet. Do not visit this thread if you aren't caught up to the current episode. New episodes air every Sunday night. If you are spoiled from this thread, it's your own fault. I don't see any reason we should use spoiler tags here, because everyone viewing the thread should be caught up. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Any predictions on how this season will turn out? I'm surprised they would drop such a big cliffhanger on the very first episode. I'm thinking right now that by the end of the season, dexter will either be dead or in prison.
  16. well I thought it looked good...
  17. is this in sturgis, Kentucky? or a different sturgis
  18. That yellow theory is crazy I have to admit, though, I think Marie is wearing it because remember she used to steal stuff. Maybe she'll go deeper into crime throughout the season?
  19. Before Walter killed mike, mike said "Learn to take yes for an answer". Walter said the same thing to Lydia when they were talking at the restaurant. Also, doesn't he brew coffee in the meth lab after Gale's death like he did when he was first introduced?

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