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  1. What career path are you considering taking when you no longer play professional Halo?
  2. Even if they finish closer to the middle, say fourth, it's still a rather insignificant amount. Considering E6's history of flaunting their vast resources, I also wouldn't find it crazy if they reimbursed their players the lost revenue from the fine.
  3. I'm pretty sure Twitch implemented it as part of the default tool set
  4. Are they just trolling us or is there actually a reason why CLG aren't streaming it?
  5. Oh, that makes more sense. I just assumed it was a typo because of the fact that exclusive rights to an entire avenue of gambling would be a monopoly.
  6. He's talking about the FTC, the Federal Trade Commision. They exist to protect consumers and one of the main ways it does this is preventing monopolies, which something like this would be.
  7. If it's possible to own the exclusive rights to betting on video games in the United States, why didn't Unikrn (a website with prominent investors such as Mark Cuban that launched forever ago) or one of the other hundred esports gambling sites buy them? :holmes:
  8. So are Cratos and him actually going to 1v1? Anyone want to bet on the results?
  9. Oh okay, I see what you mean now. Although I'm personally not a fan of several of Riot's design and balance philosophies.
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