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  1. And you don't really see people drastically turn around team chemistry, especially in a short timescale. Team who stick together and work on it tend to have started with a pretty damn solid foundation, and it's more about working out kinks to push them over the edge in to reaching their potential. It's too reliant on the kind of player you are, which you can't just up and change to fit in to a new team without lessening your potential. Well, for most players anyway, some people have the ability to fit in to many kinds of team, but again that's a characteristic they have and not a question of time or practice. You can work through problems with your strats and approaches, you can encourage players to call out more/differently etc. You can try and reconcile contradicting playstyles/approaches. I'm not saying you can't work to make a difference with it, but if personalities and playstyles don't work together then it's often a limiting factor. I think you're overstating the degree to which it can be worked on in comparison to individual skill, which can be improved to a greater degree by grinding and dedication. People underestimate how much things like shot, positioning, movement skill etc., core mechanical shit, is improved by volume and quality of practice, even at the highest level.
  2. I don't visit as often as I should, but does this even apply to Reach? I know people loved that single ZBNS event, but frankly I think that was in large part due to how low expectations had sunk after 2011's season. It was still just a poor mans H2 without anywhere near the depth, and people honestly think it's better than H5? Hell, the fact that H3 has somehow transformed in to this competitive classic in some people's eyes is still baffling to me. I can see why CE and 2 still hold their place after all this time, but in competitive terms I'd take H5 over H3 any day. I think the size of the scene and the great memories from MLG's glory days make people forget just how fundamental the mechanical problems were with that game.
  3. Wait, isn't that the exact argument for buffing autos though? Having more viable auto weapons is surely of more benefit to accessibility, since it's what many newer players gravitate to. You seem to be saying that a skillgap = accessibility, when I don't think that's necessarily true at all.
  4. Break up? I don't take pleasure in saying that, Ola and Mikwen are my 2 favourite players, and obviously 2gre not being at worlds is just wrong. But considering what this team has on paper they've essentially achieved nothing. I know they formed last minute but they've had long enough to practice and be better than Denial, this lineup just doesn't work. I'd be surprised to see them last.
  5. Our hearts? Formal + Enable team with FS + Maniac and they get 16th seed, the latter pair cry tears of relief. Or Formal + Enable team with another 2 and beat FS + Maniac at last chance, FS and his new ginger betrayed by his old one.
  6. It really sucks to see. After having Stellur leave and being so cool about it, two big names who I still enjoy having as a part of the pro scene might just be having their fate decided for them. They could and should have done stuff differently since H5 released, but it must feel pretty crappy to finally do something like the bootcamp and then have your team crumble around you right after that, whilst your new young gun is still at your house, all thanks to Hurricane Lethul. Probably a stupid question, but where do I easily find out points for each player as things stand?
  7. Inclined to agree with this in principle. But let's be honest, he was in a situation where he had to quickly choose his best option and had been refused from Leftovers. I'm actually really happy with this lineup, seeing 2gre and Ola back together is great, plus I really like both Mikwen and Arkanum. But it's not like the ball was totally in 2gre's court here, so lets hope they do put in the time and gel as a team. I think having Arkanum on board will be a real asset for drive, tbh.
  8. Fair play man, and you've made clear what you meant, can't argue with a good sentiment. I'd like to see another charity stream, his last one was good.
  9. Agreed it genuinely didn't seem deliberate, but if "hope it makes him a better person" is an attempt to be supportive then it's a pretty poor one. Come on, who says that?
  10. Pretty sure @@Spartan started this by dumping on CLG in that scrim, forcing them to pick up Lethul, forcing EG to take Commonly. He's his own worst enemy.
  11. Possibly, but don't forget people said he was done in '08/09. Then '10 happened. If his drive is there and he keeps playing, you can't count him out. He looked like he just didn't get top level H3 for those two years but still turned it around for the 3 peat. Also, we haven't even had a proper event in this game yet. Trying to predict how players will do long term from the sidelines seems super premature at this point. Even pros who aren't doing as well as they have at previous titles could bounce back if they're dedicated and put time in to learning the game. Honestly one of the biggest things that young guns have is drive and hunger, which can be harder for older pros to keep when their comfort zone is upset by a new game.
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