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  1. Gamertag:FishTacosTonite Customs/MM:2v2 or ffa Region:Missouri just looking to learn how to play CE and just have fun
  2. I know hes not one I was just saying that they have armor in the game that makes him look like one lol
  3. It has come to my attention over the last couple days that it appears there is a string of music notes on Glacius stage that resemble music that of Halo 4 music. The song I believe it is from is called Arrival bot parts in the songs are both nine notes long but on Glacius stage it is just sped up double time. Here are the links for both music clips just start at 2:27 on Glacius stage music and the part I am referring to kicks in around 2:29 and goes on for nine notes which ends around 2:31 and for the Halo music just starthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ7GkXlyPIY 57:31 but the part that am talking about kicks in around 57:36 and ends at 57:40. So could this me we could see a Sangheili but most commonly known as a Elite or could we see The Didact from Halo which I think would be a awesome fit into the KI universe and also as side note Glacius sort of looks like a Elite with the last set of armor on.
  4. Add me mainly for FFAs mainly but i will play 4v4s GT FishTacosTonite
  5. Well you could try me out I may need a few games in but I do live in this region But my gamertag is FishTacosTonite hell all I need a kick in the ass and a push and maybe it will get me going again

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