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  1. Always good to see other pros from different Esports chime in
  2. TBH, I didn't even know there were more posters then the one's in the Halo Championship Thread since this is the only one that matters :puckett: I thought it would be the same people talking in the H5 Discussion or Competitive settings threads
  3. Looks like COD having the same problems H2A had in the beginning with hardware failing. Also, Idk if UMG is good at organizing tournaments?
  4. Just from watching his scrims, I feel like Flame is one of the best communicators in the game. Hoping Optic win LCQ
  5. Any way to tell how many people decided to go premium since the hurricane lethul up to the end of X-Games?
  6. These casters probably think"Jack Me Off" is the one of the best players in the game.
  7. These Asian casters are hilarious but I don't think they know much about halo.
  8. Just turned it on. Probably the funniest commentators I've heard since Joe Fries and Legion
  9. Hoping MLG and Halo never take a hiatus again . Thank you for the wonderful tourney today and hope to see continued success
  10. I hope there are more "friendly" banters. It creates better storylines and who doesn't love some animosity between teams
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