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  1. Formal played in the H2A invitational with like a week of practice and won.
  2. https://youtu.be/08ussysGygI The new maps all look really good to me. Was hoping for some drastic structural changes to Eden but oh well. Hopefully the new weapon placement helps change it from the beta.
  3. The planet in the background really reminds me of CE. Edit: Also what's that powerup? It looks like that little ledge is one of the intractable map elements like on Eden.
  4. No I've liked Halo 5 since I played I played it. And I understand why you wouldn't like the game I just don't know why you'd still be expecting to have your mind changed a few months away from launch. What else could 343 have realistically done to top what they showed? I agree the map looks aesthetically weird but besides that, unless you were expecting a gigantic overhaul since the last time we saw Arena gameplay it couldn't have got any better.
  5. I wonder how many views this had? Regardless this was a great way for Halo esports to be introduced to a bunch of people I'm sure. It's kinda corny watching Simms and Bravo commentate pre-recorded gameplay while in stage but they did great and I can't think of a better way to show off competitive Halo to more people.
  6. Won't players be able to change their clantags to "Flamesword" so we dont have to see their gametag "Irongaming323"?
  7. And you expected to suddenly like Halo 5 today? With the Halo 5 we have there literally couldn't have been a better presentation for us competitive guys.
  8. Live commentary of a game of CTF on an Arena map and an announcement of a 10000000 championship. How was that underwhelming?
  9. Lol Humpflung acting like hes not gonna be playing day 1. And wow only 2 maps at the invitational is lame.
  10. Hey @@Deez any hints as to what maps/gametypes will be played at the invitational or when to expect an announcement?
  11. You guys will probably think I'm dumb but I'd like to see the HCS playlist removed and then all the gametypes added to Team Hardcore along with the Halo 3 gametypes. I just really like cross game playlists and I'd like one to ranked and competitive.
  12. I was adamently against the Magnum being the main utility weapon but since seeing it in the new warzone gameplay my mind's been changed completely.
  13. My thoughts exactly. Speaking of aerial stalling, I was already kind of using that tactic during the beta. On a couple occasions I was fighting a guy and we both jumped of of P2 on Truth. Instead of just falling to continue the fight on the ground I'd stall with the hover or a cancelled ground pound so that I dropped a second or two after he'd expected me to. At that point he may have turned around thinking I was backing off or he might have still had his gun pointing upwards thinking I hadn't really fallen.
  14. Yes and yes. We saw new routes made available by sliding through a small opening and places made specifically for you to clamber on. Obviously any idea for a Halo map can be pushed to one extreme or another to make the game flow bad. But my favorite maps have always been the one's where power positions have multiple entry points so that thee position isn't to easy to defend. Think about BR3 on Lockout; you can attack from top-mid, jump up from the open side of BR2, from library bridge, from open ramp and from closed ramp. I think Blackout perfectly demonstrates that taking away these jumps makes gameplay substantially worse. I've always prefer Halo 2's Beaver Creak over Halo Ce's Battle Creek because of the increased option to attack a base. Jumping on to the bases was possible from more places and thus I feel gameplay was more vertical on the Halo 2 map than the CE map (of course the increase in verticality is a personal preference of mine but I feel it is one of the aspect of Halo that makes it great). I guess you could say adding more jump-ups will make attacking a position easier but logically that in turn makes defending it harder. It's really just a balancing act that 343 needs to get right. It's hard for me to imagine too. I think the beta lacked maps that falling to your death was an option. Sure you could fall to your death on the exterior edges of some maps but I'm thinking if Halo 5 had some maps where falling of was a constant threat the Spartan Abilities meta could be deepened further. Imagine a multi leveled map where jumping off the exterior edge of the top level would result in death unless you were able to ground pound to a small out cropping on the bottom level. IDK that's just the first thing that came to mind. A map like this is kinda what I was picturing.
  15. More of the little ledges and shit like in the Breakout map Trench and the new map Fathom.
  16. I say yes, I see Spartan Abilities as the 4th point to the new Golden Square of Halo. I understand people might prefer the triangle but me personally, I feel the new mechanics fit well into Halo. When you watch someone who knows what they're doing play Halo 5 it becomes clear that Spartan Abilities can be super interesting and add tons of depth when chained together. One of the aspects of Halo I love most is the way each player can uniquely express themselves. When in a 1v1 battle you can circle strafe, throw in a crouch, jump, poke in and out of cover, rely on grenades etc... In Halo 5 you can still do all of these plus you have new tools l to work with. You could say the same about Reach and 4 but I feel ll the armor abilities were either pointless or OP and that sprint was far too powerful to not rely heavily on. For me, and most good players in Halo 5, sprint was used primarily as a way to get to the battles and less of a way to escape them (yes I've seen the video of people surviving with sprint because the pursuer doesn't know what he's doing) .Of course I'd prefer it wasn't there at all but I don't think sprint's negative's out weigh the other Spartan Abilities positives. Edit: I also love how in the first clip he's able to travel from one side of the map to the other without ever having to clamber.
  17. Agreed on Bravo and Strongside for the most part. I think Side does a great job at hyping up the crowd so I think he'd do well as a host similar to Clutch for non ESL events, especially since the majortity of what he'd be saying would be written before hand. I think Goldenboy has decent knowledge of the game, when you cast the same three maps for multiple events its hard no to know the mets inside and out. I do however wish he'd research a little Halo history because it seems his knowledge only goes back to the Halo 4 he casted. There 100% needs to be an analysis desk for the pro team to give insight.
  18. I'd give my left arm to see MLG once again host consistent Halo tournaments. I agre agree HCS has great production value (mainly ESL events) but also love MLG's as well. I also don't believe we'd see that bug of an issue with the "monopolization" of Halo on MLG.TV because of 343's close relationship with Twitch. Also I'd imagine we'd see Puckett and Maven back. Oh god Puckett and Walshy could literally cast Husky Raid and I could watch all day.
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