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  1. What do you guys think of the Rail gun? It's not really possible to tell if has as much magnetism as Halo 4's but the charge up speed seems to be much faster now, which I'm not a big fan of. Also can we talk about how sexy the Beam Rifle smart scope is?!
  2. No not all. In the UK, house guests aren't allowed to talk about the game itself and the audience votes to evict house guests, which makes the game a popularity contest essentially. In America however the house guests are allowed to talk game and they themselves vote to evict each other. So in America the players are all doing whatever they can to win and not just to be entertaining to the audience. It's essentially a Non fictional Game of Thrones in that people are always being killed (evicted) the power is always shifting and the best players are those hiding in the shadows who have great social games like Little Finger, Tyrion or the bald guy (what's his name?) Last seasons winner Derrick was a top 3 of all time player imo . Before he came into the house he was an undercover cop and used the same strategies he learned in that profession inside the house to win. He was the driving force behind every major game decision yet always had other people do his dirty work thus never getting blood on his hands. It's hard to show his game play in a short video but this probably does it best
  3. Did anyone else see a house guest on Big Brother quoting Halo 2 tonight on live national television?
  4. You don't think CE was influenced by shooters of its time?
  5. I absolutely love that 343 is coloring the bases but I wish it were a little more subtle than what we've seen for coliseum and apex 7. I wish the blue was more teal (like Haven) and the red was more orange.
  6. Even when I agree with Larry I still neg him lol
  7. Am I the only one loves everything about the pistol except it's god awful sound design? I'd honestly vote Gravity Hammer starts over pistol starts if the sound design isn't changed. It's a little dissapointing to see 0 Storm Rifles kills in Infinity's stats.
  8. Agreed crouch jumping is obselete (for the most part) but if it's being replaced by something that has the exact same function what difference does it make?
  9. I used boost-jumping for every single jump, it's extremely practical. Watch how this guy is able to traverse the map with out ever having to clamber.
  10. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/MaceX42/video/5388031 What makes this play any different from crouch jumping in halo 1-3? Nice avi btw
  11. Why are you comparing crouch jumping to clambering? You should compare regular jumping to clamber and crouch jumping to boost jumping.
  12. Missing a jump is still possible, it's just you now have more range and height. Just like you had more range and height in Halo 3 compared to Reach. That doesn't mean skill jumping is harder in Reach does it? No, because the maps are designed to accommodate the increase in mobility just the same as they are in Halo 5.
  13. I think Damage Boost would work well as power up in HCS because I believe it'seems like a power up teams would actually care to fight for. Speed Boost would work for me if it spawned next to a complementary weapon like Rockets and Camo on Prisoner. Speed Boost + Railgun was pretty decent in Haven Doubles imo.
  14. Im really happy to see so many powers ups and how frequently they spawn. I'm also really digging how easy it is to tell which side of the map you are on becuss of the team colors. I am disappointed tho that we won't have the "mini Breakout scoreboard" things to see how many team mates are down.
  15. Same. Feel it suffers from "Solace" syndrome where they make a good map but then add a million different caves and rooms every where that leads to segmented gameplay. Will have to wait to play but so far it only looks decent at best.
  16. Yeah Truth and The Rig look nearly identical /s In terms of map layout i'd say no at all but Empire, Eden and Fathom do all have very similar art styles.
  17. Yup probably true. Its odd tho that they didnt announce gametypes with the maps, i thought we'd see a new gametypes today and that's why they were waiting.
  18. The Active Camo now has a meter next to your shiels to show how much more time you have with it.
  19. Do we know for sure we're only gonna see Fathom and Empire during the Invitational? The new maps look really dank. Just from seeing gameplay but not being able to play: Post beta maps > Beta maps. So if every Arena map is used for HCS we already have 8 maps not counting breakout, forge or unrevealed remixed maps.
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