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  1. 4.5 second multi kills, terrible theater and way too easy to use sniper: montages are gonna suck for this game unless 343 makes some big changes
  2. Why are these pros playing the same maps over and over? Have they played The Rig or Plaza yet?
  3. I'm personally not a fan of Regrets new aesthetics. I like that they've colored each trams base but I really enjoyed how bright and blue the sky was in the beta, now it's all dark and gloomy like all the other arena maps
  4. This makes everyone happy, obviously us but also the custom guys who can make silly customs games with slide at 400% lol, makes no sense why they wouldn't detail this earlier.
  5. I know, I'm wondering why holmbom isn't streaming, he has thumbs, who knows if this guy does tho
  6. Holmbom is almost done downloading the patch but isn't streaming right now
  7. The multilayer patch will be released meaning those with early access will be able to stream to their hearts content.
  8. When the patch goes live who will you guys be watching? For me I hope Ghost or Neighbor are streaming because I missed all of their stream during the beta.
  9. My arm gets so tired from all this tipping
  10. Mod posting screenshot of the actual page number incoming....
  11. Good developer maps >>>> forge maps I agree. But 15 arena maps + a couple canvases >>>>>> 12 arena maps + a couple canvasses and 3 "fun" maps IMO. Those fun maps in CE are enjoyable to play everyonce in a while but arena maps offer much more replayability, wouldn't you agree? And I honestly think all 15 of Halo 5's arena maps are viable if Ivory Tower is the standard.
  12. Oh I completely agree, my favorite Halo maps of all time have typically been Asymmetrical. I was just mirroring what Lemon wrote. I'm not sure why he initialially used the word symmetrical to define arena maps lol. Carry on.
  13. If we are talking about directly remaking those exact maps then the answer is they are both just as easy to Forge. I disagree that CE had the best balance, but whatever. Would you really want Halo 5 to launch with let's say only 12 arena maps and 3 impractical "fun" maps?! Because let's be honest, BA and Chiron each only have one fun gametype (Team Snipers and Team Shottys). Halo 5 will have Forge so those wacky gametypes/maps can be developed by the community (which they have been since H3). All of 343's resources should and have gone towards Arena, Warzona maps, and forge canvasses to allow for unlimited player made "fun" maps.
  14. Chiron is just a series or rooms connected by telporters. Boarding Action is just a bunch of walkways mirrored. I know CE is great but I don't believe you honestly think the inclusion of those silly maps is one of the reasons why. CE would've have been so much better if it had launched with actual maps in place of those gimmicky maps.
  15. Which of these sound harder to make in Forge: 1. An ultra competitive, fast paced arena styled symmetrical map 2. An unorthodox map Notice how adding numerous adjectives doesn't make my argument any stronger? I agree those maps are cool and I've had plenty of fun on them, particularly Boarding Action, but imagine if CE had launched without Chiron, Boarding Action and Longest and in there place were three more comeptively viable maps.
  16. Would you really have preferred 343 devote resources to developing "cool" maps like Boarding Action and Chiron? If you want to play on whacky maps that are fun for like one gametype wait til Forge releases.
  17. This sustain plan would be the greatest idea ever if we were actually getting new things added instead of just old things we shouldve already had. And the fact that Assualt was in a build months ago tells me it's not an issue of having to develop these game modes, but rather just flipping a switch. You can't tell me that for the last couple years the pro team have been only testing 4 arena gametypes?! I can understand keeping the matchmaking concise but these game types should totally have been available in custom games. You motherfuckers better play the shit out of the Team Doubles playlist when it's available
  18. Compared to some games (I'm looking at You Battlefront) we know everything about Halo 5.
  19. Awesome news. Will be competing when I can for sure. Weekly commentated matches is so hype. I think the finals, maybe even semi-finals would make GREAT weekly YouTube content.
  20. It shouldn't be fine with you. New players will only get slaughtered so many times before they quit Halo and move on to COD, Destiny or whatever. 343 needs to do a better job making the Pistol a satisfying weapon to use otherwise new players probably won't use it. The weapons terrible sound design should probably be the first thing changed.
  21. Breakout Ctf on Trident. Beautiful map. https://youtu.be/Gw7M0CCXs4s
  22. I Love the weapon variety. There's not a single weapon that doesn't seem like a blast to use. Also for some reason I think the game play is much appealing to watch when it's like this as opposed to the spectator mode we saw at Gamescon. When you focus on one player through the whole match you realize it isn't shotgun kill after shotgun kill like the invitational game play mightve implied.
  23. i really cant stand when people type with-out capitalizing the appropriate words. and just with terrible punctuation overall: it automatically makes me care less about what they have to say,
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