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  1. If anyone is hosting, invite me: MaceX42 I'd really like to try Ricochet on some more maps.
  2. This is so cool! I can't wait to go out and compete for all these prizes! Oh wait, I live in Arizona.
  3. Thoughts? https://twitter.com/GGoofy/status/350472965017710592
  4. I feel like this is a bad move for Classic. Bringing APG on to the the team in hopes of him with Roy as a Sinpedown/Formal esqeue pair is also what Warriors tried to do with him and Legit and they just didn't mesh well, who knows though.
  5. At what point do other teams stop showing up?
  6. i did, but your point about them missing a good objective player is certainly true. Oh I know just the player to pick up! RyaNoob! Oh wait. Dropping RyaNoob was a really bad choice honestly and the thing the need to focus on now is practice.
  7. I absolutely hate team changes but the only viable option Warriors have is dropping Goofy or APG in favor of Gabriel.
  8. You will see more Halo from UMG. I have that inside #Intel from UMGGaming It was expected but still really cool to see. Competition in the competitive Halo scene is better for every one.
  9. At this point I don't think any combination of current players can beat Ambush.
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