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  1. Looking forward to when this map is in matchmaking.
  2. It's so much easier to get into competitive Smash though. All you need is a controller. For Halo you need three other committed teammates. Halo isn't at %100 or even close but it's undeniably on an upward trajectory. Also Smash's success is the exemption to the rule when it comes to dev support. Almost all eSports rely on some form of dev support so to downplay halos recent success due to 343's support is silly.
  3. Imagine a map that was basically a mini halo ring, or at least a segment of one where you could walk up and down the ring because of some magnetized boot lore. It would be like inverse Narrows, could be cool.
  4. We've come so far since the Gandhi/Maven AGL days. I think it really came down to today's show being short and sweet with not very much down time at all. Spartans T-bag >>>
  5. Wow. Today was nearly flawless. I'd love to see some listen-ins and hope we get to see some game 5's tomorrow, but overall it was really great. I have to say Elamite does a really good job at presenting the story lines. Those postgame interviews are great, especially Commonly's If those was my first time watching Halo I would be extremely hyped to tune back in tomorrow to see EG Vs CLG. Renegades/Liquid match was a spectacular payoff to these last few weeks rostermania and tomorrows CLG/EG will be even better. Keep it up guys
  6. Equal to Halo 2 in my opinion, most other will disagree i'm sure though
  7. In no order: Damnation Midship Plaza The Pit Guardian Haven Hang Em' High Beaver Creek Construct Warlock
  8. @@Moa what went wrong with your controller? I've had two controllers that I've broken the left bumper on so I'm hoping that won't happen with the Elite
  9. Does anyone have the Elite controller? What do you use the paddles for? Is it worth the price tag?
  10. I'm gonna have to investigate all the maps I have to see which are good. And next time we'll use the Halo 2 BR <3
  11. Pretty late to the topic, but as far as the Halo 5 Vs Halo 2 debate goes, I'd say Halo 2, at its best is better than any thing Halo 5 has to offer. But as a whole Halo 5 is better. That's honestly true for CE and 3 too IMO. Like no map in Halo 5 can touch Chill Out or Guardian but on the opposite end of the spectrum no Halo 5 map is as shitty as Longest or Snowbound (whoops forgot about Overgrowth).
  12. For the most part those who were gonna hate Halo 5 regardless of what it was still do and those on the fence I think are mostly positive. Idk how CE fans can look at Plaza and The Rig and not be a little optimistic about those. INB4 "But Mace all the UNSC maps looks the same!" Shout out to humflung for seeing the light
  13. Some streamer was showing that if you Spartan Charge into a wall you bounce back quite a bit... First one to ninja a guy chasing him like by bouncing of the wall in front of them wins!
  14. Lol, complaining about Josh Holmes letting his kid play, some of yall could find anything to bitch about
  15. Accidental neg, but are you gonna post the positive things he's said about the game too?
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