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  1. Halo first a foremost needs to succeed as a game before it can succeed as an eSport but once we accomplish that I think Microsoft needs to hire true professionals to run the broadcasts. I'd say hire someone from the world of professional sports with some understanding of eSports/Halo to lead the ship. I really think if Microsoft invested a lot of money into Halo eSports it would pay off as long as it's a good game being played because Halo is much easier to understand and has much more flashy highlights than CS:GO (or almost any eSport really).
  2. I would tune in to Farmville eSports if the production value was as good as E-League. In my opinion Halo 5 is much more entertaining than CS:GO however HCS feels so amateurish compared to E-League.
  3. I was waiting for a clip from Nox, I knew it would end the montage. Really enjoy the song choice but to be able to hear the game sound too would be nice.
  4. IMO the 7/8 and top AM teams not being able to compete with the top dogs is not a bad thing. Watch the Browns play the Patriots and you'll see that's how it works in every league.
  5. There's nothing weird about enforcing a dress code. I'm not sure every player should have to wear matching pants but they should atleast be forced to wear matching jerseys/shirts and something other than sweatpants/pajamas. The little, seemingly inconsequential things add up. How many years into the HCS's life span is it gonna take before someone at ESL takes pictures of each pro player out of their team jerseys so that when eventually they change teams, they can still use the picture with out it looking silly?
  6. Sorry for the late response but this is so wrong. We should be talking about no sprint today, not right before Halo 6. If we allow 343 to develope Halo 6 with sprint in mind and then only begin to pressure them to remove it right before then even if they do remove it we'd end up with maps, weapons and mechanics designed for sprint. The massive success of both CS GO and Overwatch proves that modern FPS gamers are still open to no sprint (and no radar) games. Of course the audiences for both those games are a little more mature than Halo's because they are primarily on PC but aren't we all like 90% sure that Halo 6 will launch on Xbox AND Windows? This is the most realistic and most important time to pressure 343 on no-sprint. I just wish people with larger voices in the community (Pros, Youtubers, etc) would start making a big deal out of sprint like NOW. Imagine what kind of impact we could make if everyone with any sort of sway in the community let 343 know their opinion. We need to spread awareness of the issue of sprint to more than just within the Halo community. Imagine if we did some kind of anti-sprint demonstration that gained the attenion of the gaming media and was reported on all the big sites. I have no clue what we should do all I know is that if we want Halo 6 to have no sprint we need to start acting now. @@LethuL please use your Optic juice to spread the no-sprint gospel
  7. Is it just me or is his grammar actually kind of decent? ^
  8. Wish 343 would make this a feature of the nornal plasma pistol.
  9. Is it impossible for 343 to make small structural changes to these maps after they've launched? If Riptide's hallway from Orange to Blue was not blocked off and if there were a large window along the blue hall the map might be decent. But it also comes down to weapons on map. Storm Rifles should NOT be on that map. With these changes it could be a decent slowpace slayer map like Lockout.
  10. If I were Ninja I'd join Optic for the quick free juice and then bounce after the season or stay and continue building his audience.
  11. I don't mind this Heinz, Ryanoob, Commonly combo but I think they can find a much better slayer than Danoxide.
  12. Frosty is IMO about as skilled as any of these players but what makes him so entertaining is his unorthodox plays that always seem to work perfectly.
  13. No player ever has ever been as entertaining to watch as Frosty.
  14. I gotta say it really makes me happy that Mikwen's faith in Pistola after his injury has really paid off. The Wizard has returned and it seems Mikwen was the only one who believed he would.
  15. We aren't going to see Halo 3 population level numbers over night but this is the start of the up-turn. I hope 343 sticks to their guns moving forward into Halo 6 and I'm sure the stats will continue to rise.
  16. Spartan didn't leave. Batch was dropped. Theres goes my interest in EU Halo
  17. Can't believe Maniac would turn down the 28k potential viewers Flamesword had during the last LCQ.
  18. @@Cursed Lemon Will always enjoy a commentary that analyzes Halo with any sliver of depth, nice job. I agree with the hockey analogy for the most part, but I disagree that the skill-set required to be good at Halo 5 is any more of a departure from the classic Halo skill-set than any other sequel in the series. Also while I understand that you and others do not enjoy watching/playing competitive Halo 5, you have to admit there clearly is a modestly large audience of people who aren't just in it for the req pack. Also my definition of balance is that players can find success with multiple playstyles instead of everyone having to play the same way to stay competitive, which I'd say Halo 5 excels in this regard.
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