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  1. I'll list a map from each game. Plaza, even without thruster pack, would probably still be a lot of fun. Skyline is proven to work in a sprint game and never got the chance to really shine because of the terrible game it was in. As for Reach, I've always thought it would be cool to make an official version of a popular forge map like Uncaged. For Halo 3, the obvious choices are Narrows and Guardian but I'd say Construct would probably play the best with sprint without having to stretch the map too much. All the popular Halo 2 maps have been remade a million times, maybe Turf would be fun; I could imagine some fun grappling hook moments. Again all the CE maps have been remade a thousand times so I'll say Damnation because it surprisingly plays really well in the Halo 5 Anniversary playlist even with all the abilities.
  2. Sprint's only purpose would be to activate slide.
  3. Can anyone help me out by listing the Halo 3 Team Hardcore weapon/powerup spawn times?
  4. My two favorite maps are Damnation and Midship. So to me fighting for items is super fun but at the same time, fighting for pure map control is a lot of fun too. I don’t see any reason why a Halo game can’t offer both experiences depending on the map.
  5. The main reason I dislike the Halo 3 weapon balance is the same reason millions love it: the golden triangle is closer to being equilateral than ever before or after. For experienced shooter fans, it can be pretty boring to rely on grenades and especially melee to win every fight. But because the games weapons all are generally super weak, it’s the only option. However, for new players, being able to use melee and grenades as a crutch gave them time to develop their strafe and shot. This is why Halo 3 has such a positive legacy; it was the first game a lot of people became good at.
  6. In a game of Team Doubles if one player quits, it should turn into a 1v1 where the team of 2 take turns playing.
  7. Destiny and the Titianfall games allow you to hold three weapons. Press Y to switch to secondary, hold Y to switch to anti-titan or special weapon. Weapons hurting players if used improperly is a great way to balance easy to use weapons like the plasma pistol and rocket launcher. Maybe the Storm Rifle could damage you if you let it overheat, we all know that weapon needs rebalancing.
  8. Does this go for multiplayer too? I’m all for increasing ammo in most weapons If the starting utility weapon is super powerful.
  9. My theory that I’ve had for a couple weeks that I think this video supports: Humanity has basically been forced to take refuge on a halo ring from The Created. Banished are also getting fucked up by The Created so they invade the ring to take it from the humans. So the first half of the game will be against the Banished, second half against The Created.
  10. All good points. I’m all for weapons having anti-vehicle functionality (Hydra, Grenade Launcher, Plasma Pistol, Hydra) but being out right vehicle-destroyers (H5 Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Incineration Cannon, Fuel Rod Gun) isn’t very fun to use or to play against in my opinion. If those weapons are gonna be on BTB, which I would still like them to be, the have to be balanced delicately. This is the main reason I dislike Warzone. I think the Hydra is way more unique and fun to use than the Brute Shot or Concussion Rifle. The Halo 5 Hydra was quite underpowered but I’d like to see them try it again and think your suggestions would be the perfect way to do it assuming it keeps it’s weird lock-on middles system it has now as well .
  11. I totally agree with everything but I would just suggest the Hydra instead of the Brute Shot for this role
  12. If the Infinite Rocket Launcher is slightly weaker, like the H5 SPNKR (which I hope it is), then a 4 rocket clip would be good for all modes (except doubles). In BTB, I’d prefer the power weapons take a back seat to vehicles in terms of strength. Right now I feel safer and more powerful holding a rocket launcher in H5 BTB, than when I’m in the back of a Warthog with a competent driver. To me this needs to change. What are your thoughts on the balance between power weapons and vehicles in BTB?
  13. Clip size alone should be more than enough in my opinion. I don't think it really should be more effective in BTB. I think vehicles in BTB should require way more effort to destroy. Some combination of team work, well placed plasma pistol shots, grenades, and power weapons should all be necessary to take down scorpions, banshees, wraith, and mantises (manti?).
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