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  1. You mean, like all the outstanding HCE, H2, and H3 remakes ready for both BTB and/or most any other Arena mode??? You mean those great maps 343 themselves highlight in their community spotlight, but plain refuse to put in a single matchmaking playlist??? Until the REQ system has been fully milked for all the millions it's sadly proving to be worth, don't expect the Arena side of H5 to get anything truly great (like those maps ready and waiting for Halo's developers to quit fucking their customers in the ass in the name of the holy dollar).
  2. As far as I've seen and heard from others...no. But you're absolutely right about there being some great doubles maps out there. 343 has even featured a couple in the community spotlight.
  3. You start off by epitomizing cognitive dissonance. You finish by wanting me to give you motive, when you can't even begin to provide a logical motive for half the stuff that's been in this game since day one...much less motive for putting ugly-ass Breakout maps in a weekend-only Doubles playlist, where everyone spawns without grenades. "your agenda"... Oh, right... I'm the one with an agenda. Please...tell me more. Seriously. Let's hear it. Let's see who straps the tinfoil on around here. Fixing doubles has nothing to do with changing the maps. To fix doubles, all that must be done is change which weapons spawn on maps, and reduce the total number of power weapons on maps. Breakout maps have never been requested to be part of Team Doubles, or any other highly demanded playlist for that matter. Breakout maps are not preferred over anything other than Overgrowth and Riptide...period...even lego-land, no texture whatsoever Forge maps are largely preferred over Breakout. However, community-forged maps (remakes and originals) have been requested over and over, specifically for a playlist JUST LIKE THIS ONE. If this were an experiment like you suggest, it might be worth a go a year or so from now. As of right now, whatever results come of it will serve the players and fans a whole great big none.
  4. Ok. Let's play a game. It's called "discussion". You clearly think my original claim was/is wrong. So, instead of ignoring the actual claim, and simply attempting to discredit the person who made it (me) with meme's and "conspiracy" or "tinfoil" labels...you offer reasons why you think the claim is unfounded/incorrect/invalid/whatever. If your reasons are strong, perhaps you will change my mind. If they are not, perhaps I will change your mind. This is the healthy and natural progression of conversation and understanding. On the other hand, calling things conspiracies (negative undertone) and projecting images of people as being tinfoil-hat wearing loonies (negative undertones), suggests you don't care to truly consider the claim...you'd prefer to enjoy a state of cognitive dissonance. @@RyanW I urge you to consider playing the discussion game too.
  5. "Bro"...I think you really should look up the term "cognitive dissonance".
  6. Aww...that's cute! I gave you a +1. Hope it helps you feel warm and cozy inside.
  7. You really don't see how it's an attempt to change the way people think and feel about Breakout? I thought it was disgustingly obvious.
  8. If you enjoy being able to choose what you play, when you want to play it, then yes they have a significant influence on your enjoyment of the game. H5 will likely have plenty of people to support the current playlists... Personally, I could not be more disappointed with the lack of variety, and inability to choose how I play Halo 5. I play this game often, and it's not because I like it. I play it for 2 reasons. 1) Add one to the pop count/truly want Halo to survive 343 industries. 2) To get the H2 BR . . . That's it.
  9. See, I think this right here is a problem. You take this shit personally. You get upset about it, when in reality all I'm doing is relaying information onto everyone so they're aware of it as well. Good! Go play the game. I've played over 12 days worth! If you want to think I'm looking up and posting this info because I'm on some ridiculous rampage and mission to kill the game...you're wrong...but be my guest. Fateful days such as the one when 343 finally has to try explaining why we have such shit playlist variety in Arena are approaching. That said, maybe it's worth 5 seconds to read and comprehend the population data available to us, because it's much more difficult for 343 to twist numbers and make their unsuccessful games sound successful when/if we're informed on the matter. The less bullshit they can feed us, the less bullshit they can ultimately shoehorn into the next game. If you haven't noticed, shoehorning shit into Halo is one of their greatest hobbies. If you want to believe the game is thriving, just ignore me and tune into the next 343 bulletin. Putting earmuffs on when something not-so-awesome is mentioned about the game won't ever make this game or any future one better. I've been checking both on the console and the xbox.com listings prior to posting on here. But hey maybe it changed in the 10 min between our posts. I'm not sure how often the XBL charts update. Battlefront updates/refreshes every 5 min though. All I know is H5 was behind it at 10pm ET (hence me starting my post with, "10pm ET"), and that I've checked at the top of the hour (8am to 1am ET) each of the past three days....and I've yet to see Halo 5 above Battlefront...including right now.
  10. 10pm ET: H5 sits one spot behind Battlefront, which has 28,669 people online Halo has not jumped Battlefront in three days, and Battlefront's daily peak population over the past three days has not broken 35k...past two days have both been under 33k.
  11. I plan to make use of a secondary account this weekend. Highest rank I've achieved is a mid-level Onyx. I'm mid-to-upper level diamond in everything this season.
  12. You may not be able to know exact daily peak numbers, but you can know it's been below 35k each of the past two days. This information isn't directly available to any of us, but it's still possible (and pretty simple) to come up with approximate figures; and often times you are able to know the accuracy of those figures within 2-5k players. (when H5 sits between Battlefront and BF4 in XBL charts). A lot of people tried Halo 5 during the Holiday season. That should not be a shock to anyone. Total unique population numbers don't say "a lot of people are still playing Halo 5". All it says is there were a lot of different XBL gt's that signed in and played H5 at least one time. Also, 3 months after launch < 100 days... 3 months is nothing! Why can't Halo 3 numbers be reached again? Cause they're super far from where the numbers are now? I understand the odds of achieving that level of success are not great. Still, when I hear people parrot the line of "Halo 3 success is unrealistic today", it just seems like a passive aggressive way of saying "343 won't make Halo games that play the way they need to in order for them to be great again" ... If that's what's really meant, just say it...not like it isn't true. Halo can grow and flourish again. It's just gotta go back to being Halo...and that starts with gameplay.
  13. Unique player counts tend to be large, meaningless numbers that sound pretty darn good to anyone who doesn't know any better (aka most players). That's why we are allowed to see the number of players being tracked per playlist over at halotracker
  14. Daily peak populations below H4 = doing fine and healthy indeed? Awesome! Welp, I guess we can expect most, if not all, the traditional playlists to return in the near future then. Please leave the number twisting to the professionals at 343. You can trust them with that responsibility. Frankly, they do it really damn well.
  15. Lol! I personally don't care about the story...at all. Thanks though...I think you may have given me a glimpse at what it's like to be part of meetings in Kirkland regarding the direction of this franchise.
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