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  1. 343 has broken their silence regarding MCC. As many of you are well aware, we haven't been able to get so much as a peep out of 343 on anything regarding MCC since around the middle of March. There have been no replies to threads on any forum, no replies to tweets, no mention in the weekly updates; nothing. So, in mid-April, I took it upon myself to start sending a tweet about something MCC-related every day(except weekends and that one week when I was out of town). I started with just tweeting Bravo, but then expanded my tweets to other 343 twitter accounts until I was tweeting 6 accounts daily(five 343 employees as well as the all-encompassing @halo account). Well, after over 2 months of dead silence from all of these accounts, I have finally gotten replies from 3 of them in the past few days. https://twitter.com/...628221504139264 https://twitter.com/...960442392186880 https://twitter.com/...901772186824704 Sure, the replies don't contain much substance, but that is to be expected. The simple fact that 343 has replied to something regarding MCC is the biggest victory we MCC players have seen in months. After all of this: https://twitter.com/...86/with_replies, I'm thrilled to have gotten any kind of response. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect any game software updates to actually result from these replies. But it shows that 343 is at least reluctantly willing to speak about MCC again. So, if anyone has been wanting to reach out to 343, but thought your efforts would be wasted because of their "radio-silence" approach; now is the time to reach out to them.
  2. This poll assumes that I will play Halo 6. That is yet to be determined. I'll need to see if they tone back the gameplay and get rid of some features first.
  3. No. It's just that this isn't a heavily populated area. I'd be surprised if there were even 150 Xbox Ones in my area at the time. I couldn't think of any good reason that our store received so many copies. I just wanted to point out that there can be a drastic difference between the number of copies of a game that are shipped compared to the number sold.
  4. This. For example, I worked at Best Buy when Titanfall was released. Our store received approximately 150 Xbox One copies of the game. We sold maybe 15-20 of those. The number shipped vs the number sold can be drastically different. The rest sat around for a few months before we finally got instructed to ship them back to our warehouse.
  5. Classic tournaments would be fantastic. Sadly, I never got into competitive gaming when the classic games were relevant. Halo 5 just isn't fun for me because of the sprinting and over-the-top movement mechanics and I have no desire to practice it and prepare for a tournament.
  6. I was working on that with a Sidewinder remake in Halo 5. I was taking care to get the scale right by using warthogs as units of measurement. I was making sure that every jump could be made without clamber, etc. But then I stopped caring about Halo 5. My map was only about half way done.
  7. God, I hope not. I was looking forward to Halo Wars 2. I thought it was being developed by a separate studio like the first one was.
  8. I'm talking about the forums. If you want to start a discussion with somebody from 343, you have to go to Twitter, reddit, neogaf, teambeyond, or all manner of "other peoples' forums". Posts from 343 are practically nonexistent on their own official forums.
  9. You should really post this information on halowaypoint.com. I still don't understand why that isn't the go-to source for contact from 343.
  10. As of two nights ago, yes. I haven't been on since then.
  11. I voted. If H3 gets backwards compatibility, many of the H3 players will move to that, and we should hopefully be able to get more H2 and CE matches in the cross-game playlists.
  12. I also didn't/won't buy Halo 5. I've watched a few gameplay videos. I get physically shaken and angry every time I see a gun's sights raise up to the screen.
  13. I'd be surprised if any sort of agreement was required. Do you remember where you heard this?
  14. I'm not great. I don't time powerups or weapons, but I can usually hold my own in a firefight.
  15. All we need to do is make it more popular than the CE 2v2 playlist and it should stay.
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