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  1. carol to kill the govenor?! :gandhi:
  2. was anyone else mind blown by the fact that Andrew Lincoln (Rick) has an english accent?!
  3. So I just watched a movie that was televised on the Nat Geo channel called 'American Blackout.' Highly suggest watching it. It's really crazy and thought provoking. It's about a terrorist cyber attack on the U.S. and it causes major blackouts/power outages across the country. It had me really thinking IF IT WERE TO HAPPEN, how would I handle it and how long would I be able to survive without electricity/running water? The first couple of days during a major blackout seem okay, but after the 4-5 day mark is when I really think things would go crazy. Things like looting and other crimes start to get out of control. If I haven't really tickled your thought juices yet, think about not having stop lights working in major cities - it would most likely create CRAZY traffic and lots of accidents. Gas pumps not being able to work to fill up peoples' tanks. If you don't have any cash on you, you wouldn't be able to do anything with a credit/debit card. In the movie they also show how big of an issue it was to deal with fires since there was no running water for fire dept. to use. A majority of people ran out of food quickly because of their food going bad with their fridge/freezers going out. There is soooooo much more things I could put, but I don't want this post being too lengthy. Again, I suggest watching the movie if you want more scenarios. So my question to all of you is if some black out like that or a zombie pandemic or anything like that were to happen suddenly, do you or your family have a plan to survive? I personally am not sure if I would. As of right now I don't have a plan. Hell, I don't even own a gun! On the otherhand though, I'm confident in being able to defend myself if it were to go down in hand-to-hand combat. Thinking about all of this has me curious about how many people would be prepared if something crazy like that happened.
  4. Since they changed the Team Doubles playlist and took out DOUBLES PRO, I've lost all interest in the playlist. So if anyone wants to play some friendly and competitive 2's. feel free to message me or add my gt - i boolit i
  5. UT player :gandhi: / does anyone know of local tourneys? 4v4, 2v2, or FFA?
  6. SICK! i liked it alot. Thanks, man
  7. Can someone please help me find a GOOD Octagon map and gametype? i've gone through at least 10 different maps and none of them feel right.
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