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  1. Another reminder of how terribly off-base and better the marketing to this game was.
  2. Those reviews actually provide some REALLY good insight towards 343i as a company. Thanks for that.
  3. It's honestly not that far fetched of a theory.. after all, the point of a business is to make money. Not to mention I've seen way worse business practices in the gaming industry. And just because someone doesn't "personally use split-screen" anymore does NOT equal it's dying. Imagine if I flipped that argument saying: "well now that I'm in college, the majority of gamers who live on campus only play games that support local multiplayer. Since more people in my surrounding area utilize split-screen, it's popularity has actually gone up."
  4. So I just relistened to HuntTheTruth (both seasons) on my drive back from New York and it just makes me wish SO BADLY that the marketing wasn't so in left field from what we got. The second half of Season 2 is where things really got uninteresting and of course that's when it even comes close to resembling something in Halo 5.
  5. It's a paradox. People leave due to lack of variety. Lack of variety due to people leaving. Just give us a healthy amount of variety at launch and people wouldn't get tired of the game so fast.
  6. Sometimes when I can’t sleep for whatever reason I try to play out how society would change and function given you change a single variable of it and attempt to come up with the repercussions that follow (think “Domino Effect”) and honestly it’s quite self-provocative in an annoying way to do so, believe it or not, as thinking this way can somewhat have a placebo effect on your own mind causing you to actually live life an astronomically small percentage closer to that hypothetical society. Given this, could I actually live how I think? Sure one variable change = tiny percentage of a difference, but if I KEEP running this tests in a manner I want to live life, maybe these percentages could add up and change my way of living through changing my way of perceiving in this specific way? Maybe this might be overthinking it, but when you look at this idea of running tests over and over until our mind finds a reality we seem content living in, it parallels a software program running commands allowed by an administrator until it gets the answer it wants remarkably. But yeah nerf the Storm Rifle
  7. Did you read the post? It's being worked on.
  8. The biggest issue with this argument is the fact that Locke didn't enter the universe when we needed that "bad-ass superhero vessel" in a light-hearted save the galaxy adventure, he entered the universe after everything started taking a serious, fleshed out direction. Take Chief for example, sure Locke would be a fine character in the original trilogy if they simply added a unique element to his personality, but since this is the 343era of Halo, everything is meant to be taken way more seriously. They understood that with Chief, and they gave him a character arc that fit the giant change in direction 343i was going for in Halo 4. Locke being a boring character with no uniqueness (i.e. Bungie-era Chief) just makes him fall completely flat in this style of storytelling.
  9. I actually agree with what you're saying here. There's no denying that given Locke's background, he has the POTENTIAL to be more interesting than the Chief, but as of right now his PERSONALITY falls completely flat. I'd say that my favorite character is honestly Buck. I would say Chief but he's in such a weird character state thanks to the writing of Halo 5 after the events of Halo 4.
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