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  1. Some of the personal attacks in this thread - on both sides of the debate, as well as towards the pros - are really disappointing. Keep it civil guys.
  2. I really thought Ghost did a good job explaining the game types, strategies, and also the reasoning behind individual plays. Edit: also, audio mixing was a little off: game sound was too quiet.
  3. Quoted for truth. CE elitists (CE is my fave game, btw) need to get over themselves and put in the work necessary if they want to grow the CE scene. Take ogre 2. Regularly runs CE lans, streams on Twitch, and doesn't call every other Halo game a pile of dogshit like some people on these forums. He puts in work to help the CE scene, while some people here sit around and bitch about how Halo [insert number here] will never match the almighty CE.
  4. Also, can Beyond please upload Lxthuls triple/overkill betrayal? I'd love to watch it again.
  5. These quinn tweets have me worried... just looking at the tourney play this weekend it's evident how unnecessary sprint is. Not having sprint really opens up better setups, better ability to predict enemy movement, and less BS running away from a bad position.
  6. I agree with you here. I like how the zoom tightens up the reticule - does anyone know if this affects spread?
  7. Agree with most everything you said. BTW, the way you're using queue is incorrect. You want to use 'cue', as in visual 'cue'. Pronounced the same as queue, but queue means an ordered line and cue means something that reminds people of some information.
  8. Number 1 priority: GRENADE SCREEN SHAKE. It's terrible, and it needs to go completely. I don't think anyone would defend it right now. Number 2 priority: reduce aim assist 10-15%. Opens up the skill gap a little more and I'm sure it will still allow noobs to play. Nade indicators add to visual clutter IMO, when you have 2-3 grenades flying in it just becomes distracting. Also, there is really not much you can do to move away from the grenade when seeing the indicator, so its pretty useless. Keep weapon indicators available from a short distance, helps noobs out and doesn't hurt the skill gap (bc still have to time weapons in certain instances). I would prefer a BR kill time that completely matches H2, but thats just opinion.
  9. Hope we get to see a game 5, regardless of who wins. I think the grand finals may be short - excellence has been looking pretty dominant.
  10. great game one. Should be a fantastic series, I don't know who to cheer for
  11. Oh no... anyone else hear Ghost act like the screen shake could be a good tactic? I really hope it doesn't make it into the final game, so jarring for players and viewers.
  12. Yeah I could run a better free to enter $10k tournament on a pre-release build /s
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