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  1. Anybody who spawn camps to win this is a fucking peaice of shit when you spawn camp your not giveing the person an actual chance to fucking move. So go to hell to anybody who spawn camps
  2. My opponent I magnetism I said I can take the win because she had to go do somthing
  3. Your name: supergreenkirby Winner: supergreenkirby My opponent i magnetism i said he had to go do somthing so I can take the win for round 2
  4. If my original partner didn't show up and I have a sub and my sub leaves and my original partner is back can he retake his place?
  5. Team: Joe Kirby Winner: Joe Kirby Round 2 Other team forfeited they did not respond
  6. Team: Joe Kirby Winner: Joe kirby Round 2 Other team did not respond
  7. Team:Joe Kirby Gamer tag 1 Joe bananas bpt gamer tag 2: SUPERGREENKIRBY
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