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  1. "Mom i can't do the dishes anymore i got to play halo" - T2 T2 is on a roll!
  2. Have to agree that halo 2 era was the best era. I loved that mlg had a 1v1 section and would even have pros vs anyone in a 1v1. That's how i won a boost mobile phone.
  3. This brings back so many great memories! Thank you for reminding me how awesome mlg halo 2 was.
  4. Thanks man. i need all the reps i can get. Help a halo player out guys!
  5. I think we should create a gofundme account for Commonly and help him protect his family.
  6. If that E6Army Twitter account is associated with the E6 organization then their organization is not as professional as i thought it was. The owner tweated his side of the issue and it should have ended there. That E6Army account is making his organization look bad. What are everyone else's thoughts on the situation?
  7. You gave me my very first liked post. My cherry has been popped.
  8. I love the Gandhi and Maven one. The rest are good too, but people are going to want their favorite teams logo on there.
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