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  1. Probably because warzone is social as well as being the highest populated playlist so the game has no issue finding you games on servers that are close to you. In arena it's lower populated and ranked which cuts back on potential matches making it have to expand the search.
  2. I agree completely, problem is I'm not sure extra what equipment you would need to reliably test this. I know there's some routers out there with software that will tell you the location of the server you're connecting to but they're pretty expensive. I've actually messaged Digital Foundry since they probably have the capability to measure this type of thing but haven't heard anything back yet. I'm hoping if a thread like this takes off maybe they'll see it as being worth looking into.
  3. Thing is if this were the issue it would feel worse in warzone where the resolution changes much more often. Also, a big sign that it's due to latency is how much better and more responsive H5 feels on LAN, it's like a whole new game. If resolution or frame rate were the cause these issues would still persist on LAN but they don't.
  4. TL;DR : Halo 5's look mechanics (nothing to do with aim assist or magnetism) are somehow tied to connection quality making it so aiming can feel great one game and awful the next. Before I start know that some will have run into this problem more than others. If you live in the US and search solo or warzone you won't have noticed it as often because the game has a much easier time finding lobbies on servers that are closer to you. However, if you live overseas, play arena at a higher level with a team that's spread out geographically, or do a lot of scrims in customs this becomes a very noticeable issue and is downright frustrating because the aiming can feel crisp and responsive one game then the next H5 could place you in a server farther away making it feel like you're looking around under water with how sluggish it feels. So then not only do you have to deal with the usual problems of the host not being that great for you (headshots not registering as consistently etc) you also have to deal with it being harder to aim in general. This puts you at a sizable disadvantage with how fast paced Halo 5 plays. I'm really not sure how this is a thing and can't think of a single online FPS that has ever made their look mechanics behave this way. Sure we had to deal with lag in all previous Halo games but the actual aiming was never affected like this. Also, unless I'm miss remembering the beta didn't have this problem either so something changed in the months between the beta and release. Lethul confirmed the problem publicly on his stream and I wish more pros along with the Halo community would do the same because without more recognition there's zero chance of 343 ever even acknowledging this and if they think no one cares it could continue into future Halo titles.

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