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  1. Aiming is shit because it feels griddy and hiccups when frame drops Try moving your reticle in a circle in Infinite and then do it again in any other Halo that isn't h5 or 3, its very hard to get a smooth rotation in this game as of right now
  2. The selling point of Infinite is what it doesn't have Which in my opinion is actually the only thing they can do because god damnit first you gotta prove you can make a basic Halo before you break it Game is way too rough to judge shooting whatsoever because I guarantee with fullscree and stable FPS the shooting will be much easier
  3. No true full screen = worst aiming ever Game just feels buggy and underwater without it, vsync can't be turned off without real fullscreen Hard to really summarize how I feel when the most basic part of the game can't be properly used
  4. Give me a weekend in advance by like 2-3 weeks and you’ll catch it
  5. No space for a CRT in my current living condition bro been busy
  6. in general the thought process behind the new equipment seems actually well thought out, and across the board seems like they're making some effort to not make reskinned weapons and give each weapon its own place or usefulness I am extremely worried about the point system, it looks exactly like h4's. Now we can't see the UI obviously but every kill gives 100 points or some shit so if its like h4 it means doing extra stuff will contribute to the score for stuff like Slayer which is dumb. I hope that is an experience point / progression thing and not how the game actually determines who wins I am extremely impressed with the leve of improvements that seem to have been made across the board, the year long delay seems to be well worth it, the graphics look really fucking good and the gameplay itself seems fun. Even the BR and Snipe seem like they're going to be harder with the projectiles and the smaller reticle
  7. idk about you guys but im actually quite impressed with what i saw graphically some maps look like forge maps and some look amazing, sprint being in is still... meh but im going to be honest, im starting to wonder if sprint is just a way to use slide at this point rather than it being a speed increase, it doesnt seem like you move any faster with it anymore? everything i saw looked fun and im actually looking forward to playing it unironically. this might be the one boys
  8. after watching mint blitz get his girlfriend to tell him when the sniper was up in a free for all lobby to get multis... yeah its hard to respect any of his clips considering they're all on guest accounts and he's literally getting outside help to set it up rofl sure he's a good guy though
  9. Infinite being a service game makes me think modding will never become a thing
  10. Hard way is out here taking bullets for me man It really is that simple, just remove the fkn sounds.... i guarantee you nobody in the playlist still playing would weep for them gone and if you do idk fuck you LOL i probably play the playlist the most nowadays of anyone on this forum (not that i blame anyone for not playing it anymore)... believe me when i say its detrimental to awareness and gameplay at all levels but especially as you progress and it starts to just even out players instead of letting them stand out more.
  11. ^ Still makes a loud ass sound especially if you play on anniversary sounds (which half the players seem to do for whatever reason) There's just no good way around it in game at the moment
  12. I don't think you understand how dramatically it impacts the game to the point where even if the whole argument of "different time" is "irrelevant" (which imo it isn't because its how it is and the hardcore playlist should reflect that as much as is possble for a quality experience) From a purely gameplay perspective it dumbs shit down dramatically, almost everyone who still plays the playlist would agree and it may be even higher priority to fix than the hit registration which is still pretty bad. I know exactly where people spawn everytime on half the maps just by turning up my headphones and it significantly lessens awareness, checking angles, and generally it just creates lazy gameplay Ppl can argue with me but if they're willing to remove spread in the game and add a visual timer, could they not just adopt another NHE feature that will be universally liked by the hardcore and completely unnoticed by the casuals EDIT: visual not talking timer
  13. Preaching to the choir here but dude we gotta get rid of spawn sounds in CE Shit is mad annoying being radar'd from halfway across the map because your astros are turned up Yes I know the original game has them but its completely impractical to wear headphones on original when you're literally playing next to potentially 3 other people using speakers while a talking timer is going off lol.
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