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  1. 2 hours ago, LimeSoda said:

    I haven’t tried again since we troubleshooted, thanks for ur help, but I should for sure. My B on taking so long! Just been lazy lol. Watching Inka Fest definitely got me in the mood tho, CRAZY tourney if you guys didn’t see, I’d checkout the vods. It’s also just easy to ignore & play console cause we have monthlies here. Also won a free bracket at SGDQ the other week https://challonge.com/sgdq2019mn64

    isai vs nax at inka fest is probably my favorite smash set i've watched in a long time

    ill hit u up on discord so we can talk more efficiently. we are one state apart i believe so ssbchicago would be pretty nice for us.

  2. 3 hours ago, Avenger said:

    I can't believe we didn't at least get a Halo 3 remaster this year to hold us over. Like do you expect us to keep playing that trash Halo 5? The fact that 343 is making us play a BAD game for 5 years straight shows that they are proud of what they have created. I fully expect Halo Infinite to be a failure at this rate.

    I think it speaks more to the fact that h5 and the backlash from that got them basically scrambling to salvage the fanbase and story and maybe put a halt on whatever direction they were trying to pursue

    MCC being the game that holds us over until the next mainline halo game AGAIN is honestly hilarious, they’re relaunching the game 5 years later

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