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  1. Shekkles and SMARTAN i actually completely agree, i have been having fun with halo for the first time in years playin with my friend and just playing games i like


    it helps h3 works well too. And my standards haven’t lowered either; im just more realistic about stuff. And im hopeful for infinite but i have hard limits and if it has certain things i’m just not gonna purchase and put it out of my mind rather than post about it. Posting requires investment

  2. 9 hours ago, Mr Grim said:

    What have you done...

    Its not what he did lol


    5 minutes ago, MultiLockOn said:

    First of all, no I didn't. That was Hard Way, you didn't bother to go back and read the actual conversation. He brought up quake duels. 


    That being said, he was right. And if you've watched any quake you'd know they also run 2's in every competition. As did CE. Lower player counts are usually better suited for slayer and higher counts do well with objective to retain focus across lots of people. I actually don't like objective that much personally, but I also don't like 4v4 so there's that. If we are to run comp 4s in Halo I'd rather it be done on koth, not ctf or strongholds. 

    No ctf? Thats like one of the cleanest, simplest, and most engaging gametypes i can think of in any fps

  3. 30 minutes ago, Snipe Three said:

    I think the random Reach DMR spread on the CE pistol in 4s/BTB is probably the worst experience in MCC. Its crazy when you go search 4s because you can't find a 2s game and people are immune to bullets when your gun quits working at random lol

    thanks for helping me stat in social that one game

  4. On 10/19/2019 at 10:59 PM, LimeSoda said:

    Nice!! Did you enter bracket or just play friendlies? Sad I couldn’t make it this year, that would have been hella fun.

    Yeah might be a bit triste my man, looks like my adapter is broken. I could def get a new one, but honestly I’m taking a break from 64 atm. Haven’t really gone to anything since Smash n Splash in June. Getting a little burnt out and all. Not quite retirement time but I’m getting close lol. HMU for Halo tho we can play with @2pro4show and talk Smash.

    Played in bracket made it to div 2 somehow lol. Ended up on stream too which was sick tho i lost. Overall good time 

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