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  1. Hard way is out here taking bullets for me man


    It really is that simple, just remove the fkn sounds.... i guarantee you nobody in the playlist still playing would weep for them gone and if you do


    idk fuck you LOL

    i probably play the playlist the most nowadays of anyone on this forum (not that i blame anyone for not playing it anymore)... believe me when i say its detrimental to awareness and gameplay at all levels but especially as you progress and it starts to just even out players instead of letting them stand out more.

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  2. 7 hours ago, Reamis25 said:

    I think something like that is irrelevant. These days everyone uses a headset for obvious reasons. Ce was just a different time 

    I don't think you understand how dramatically it impacts the game to the point where even if the whole argument of "different time" is "irrelevant" (which imo it isn't because its how it is and the hardcore playlist should reflect that as much as is possble for a quality experience)

    From a purely gameplay perspective it dumbs shit down dramatically, almost everyone who still plays the playlist would agree and it may be even higher priority to fix than the hit registration which is still pretty bad. I know exactly where people spawn everytime on half the maps just by turning up my headphones and it significantly lessens awareness, checking angles, and generally it just creates lazy gameplay

    Ppl can argue with me but if they're willing to remove spread in the game and add a visual timer, could they not just adopt another NHE feature that will be universally liked by the hardcore and completely unnoticed by the casuals

    EDIT: visual not talking timer

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  3. Preaching to the choir here but dude we gotta get rid of spawn sounds in CE


    Shit is mad annoying being radar'd from halfway across the map because your astros are turned up


    Yes I know the original game has them but its completely impractical to wear headphones on original when you're literally playing next to potentially 3 other people using speakers while a talking timer is going off lol. 

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  4. You can barely win 2v1's in h1, be that mcc or lan and thats just on god, im pretty sure bigshow did some math on it assuming a player reacts perfectly to the first shot on their teammate it requires a complete choke on player 2 and a complete robot aim from player 1 to consistently do it


    Hard truth is team games = team shot, it will always be the "optimal strategy," every game of CE i play im trying to help my teammate whenever possible or get multiple lines of sight so we cover each other, thats all Hang em High really is to be honest, or Dere too if you wanna remove it from the whole "spawnfuck and stay on top" thing

    TTK, movement, map sightlines, etc all play off one another. TTK in h5 is slower than CE if you look at the fastest kill times or objective numbers but I wouldn't call it a slow or teamshooty game 


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    can confirm downrush works boys along with just about every other map your little heart desires

    here's a little 1v1 between me and @JukkisP on downrush mcc, match starts at 1 minute bc of a weird start and the scoreboard is messed up likely due to the refined hud from the pc version changing the scoreboard text

    also its the patch edition of the map meaning no more two ways at gooch or shottie ports


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  6. Plenty of people play games without radar, people play Halo and expect radar

    the casual experience is definitely tied to what casuals want : autos, radar, equipment, shit like that

    why do you think there was a huge outcry over having automatic starts for MCC match composer and why they doubled down on keeping radar in comp h5, radar will not be going away any time soon

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  7. Casual halo is bigger than competitive and radar being gone would definitely piss people off lol

    I dont know what universe ppl are living in where they dont think that will happen, been in the series since day 1 and its about the only thing thats stayed consistent besides the fact that you have shields and a gun

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  8. truth be told halo exists in the public consciousness rn as a game that they feel nostalgic for and was about its atmosphere, if a halo clip or meme goes viral people inevitably in the comments start talking of how it was what they and their friends did, the music, the environments, the story, and ofc the fact that it did fps on console better than anything at the time

    nobody mentions the time to kill or the battle rifle vs the pistol or whatever, and honestly i dont think people would generally care about the TTK because when people think about halo that is usually the last thing on their mind

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  9. 1 hour ago, Shekkles said:

    Icebox is bae

    You can't believe having 5 different engines, eras and network designs takes custom browser some time to make? They couldn't get official matches working for 5 years, how can you expected them to get custom matches.

    No i honestly can't because they've been talking about a custom browser since like 2017 and neglected to mention that it would be released in parts until literally the last update

    It won't be out in a timely fashion and Halo infinite will steal away all of the hype 

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  10. 33 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    If 4v4 comp is going to have different settings and different maps than 4v4 social, why not increase the player count of social and make it its own unique full fledged experience since there is nothing tying it to the 4v4 player count anymore?  @Killmachine

    Thats literally what social slayer in h3 was (5v5 with casual maps and equipment), I am not opposed and would not care

    Just make it good and do right by the community

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  11. On 2/26/2021 at 3:10 PM, Boyo said:

    Would 4v4 comp and 4v4 social share the same maps?  

    Probably not considering social gametypes are primarily determined by the company since its the whole gamut of maps while competitive is almost entirely determined by the players

    HCS being run by the devs means this is different but even so pro feedback did matter to change h5's maps....you weren't seeing overgrowth in competitive, and pistol only starts + removing charge and pound happened

    It only took them a few years but I guess thats something

    It's also why as I play more Halo I become less and less convinced universal settings would ever work, or if they are even a good thing

    Radar dubs TS in halo 3 is a completely different meta than MLG and while I prefer MLG since radar is just too obtrusive for me to enjoy, they literally have their own sub community with good ass players who could just as easily go to MLG and destroy people

    Let people play the gametypes they want and don't force gamemodes to be the same when Halo is about variety, Infinite having its new features being sandbox additions rather than abilities is a welcome change of pace and one that I think will benefit the game in the long run

    Sprint and radar needs to fucking go in competitive though

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