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  1. Why do i get the feeling we wont be getting h3 until early 2020

    all these things sound nice but i swear i remember them saying at the end of 2017-beginning of 2018 we’d be getting a custom browser for this game and stuff. On pc no forge for reach is gonna kill customs fast. Actually no forge for any game is gonna kill em.


    everyone on my timeline wants to play reach and h3 on pc but one of them is missing its best feature at launch and the other one is gonna take months to come out. Kinda diminished my hype. I sould prefer they delay it until they’re all done at once to keep up the hype. This is the best chance they have to revive halo and make a good first impression for pc and so far it seems like it will be kind of meh now

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  2. no melee at evo makes me sad but i think melee will survive just fine without it. theres enough coming down the line with ppmd returning and metagame that i think hype will get it back in next year.


    as for ultimate, yesterday my university had our first big tournament since release where talent all across the state come in. 70 attendees or so. i ended up making out of pools into top bracket! unfortunately lost a nailbiting set to be knocked out and not get 9th but i was happy to do pretty good for basically being seeded so low. happy to finally say i didnt drown in pools.

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  3. 2 hours ago, LimeSoda said:

    Apologies for leaving you hanging bro. I’ve been real busy, just moved states for a job after college (Minnesota if anyone’s curious). 

    So I gotta get my internet setup in the next week (literally just got here) then I’ll be down! 


    lets go lime making big moves


    and its all good moving is busy work and so is college rofl

  4. 5 hours ago, Destroyaaa said:

    u gonna play every game lol

    i was literally playing brawl 2 days ago... i play all smash games


    unfortunately at university smash64 is the only one i am able to play online bc of firewalls

  5. 28 minutes ago, MultiLockOn said:

    Did a quick search to find an article to complete the trilogy :fire:




    yup i think that one was in my reddit post.... honestly im thinking of making an office parody except every season a new halo game is being developed and shit just goes off the walls

    maybe use the sprint episodes as our inspiration such as quinn's iconic "i fixed it" in air quotes or the part where everybody cannot believe he seriously suggested just flipping a map upside down and calling it new rofl

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  6. On 1/21/2019 at 3:34 PM, Hard Way said:

    Part of the reason ninja-ing players became so prevalent in H3 is because of how easy it is to leave someone's screen with a jump in that game. That low FOV definitely makes it harder to track people up close.

    Me and my buddy hate halo 3 fov and always make the joke they grabbed active camo every time they move more than 5 inches to the right or left of our screen because they just fuckin disappear from reality lol

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