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  1. My new strategy for organizing LANs for Halo or other games is to ALWAYS include smash i'm not joking. its the universal game. everyone will fucking play smash and have a good time. thats the beauty of it.
  2. Anyone here ever try their hand at Melee netplay? I can usually get local games with the boys here at home but netplay is convenient for when we don't get together.
  3. I'm surprised you're still playing didn't you sell your xbox
  4. only thing I still can't see the merit in is that Halo needs to settle on a universal ruleset For the most part, halo 5 literally offered consistent gameplay experiences in that your respawn timer, innate abilities, and weapon loadouts stayed the same across basically the whole suite of modes. Warzone is its own thing of course, yet the weapons, shields, respawn, motion tracker, all kept together in unison across the board. And from the beginning it lead to a stream of complaints that its "not enough of x" or "they keep catering to z" with the current climate of the community turned on each other and blaming this sub group or that one for getting rid of xyz or ruining the game for abc community, not offering a variety of experiences in the future would basically be a
  5. You know pharmassist i would agree with you but these 3 guys have already shown premature signs of this being true. Harvey Weinstein went to his sexual re-education thing, Louis CK literally pulled his movie premiere in anticipation of the breaking story, and Kevin Spacey made his own indirect admission on twitter and then came out to deflect. Hard not to believe the stories when the perpetrators put themselves out there like that
  6. You can use a Duke or OG S controller using XBCD drivers, and you can literally plug an xbox one controller in and have it register automatically if you're on win10. Movement has been fixed on test servers with chimera but has not been deployed to public ones.
  7. I thought the panama papers would have squashed that idea
  8. ya it would be nice to get games on the og games. if halo 2 ever came to BC i wonder how many people would play? right now its mostly just lockout FFA on xlink, would love to see what could happen if NA players went back to it.
  9. I'm very impressed. KOTOR looks amazing with its upped resolution and 60fps. I just expected a standard port over with the same visuals and frames as the old Since they're doing these modifications, I wonder if they'd ever port halo 1 and 2 over in 4k with legitimate widescreen support, or up the framerate. probably too much to do at once but hey if even one of those happened it'd be great, would love to see that shit
  10. i love cuphead i also recognize that i hate the game when i suck and i love the game when i beat that asshole boss and stop seeing their dumb quotes at the end its definitely worth its price and i've enjoyed the time i've played it so far
  11. cuphead is the beta version of hell
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/77q13s/halo_mcc_what_happened_and_what_happens_next/?sort=confidence Frankies full explanation here Edit : idont read

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