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  1. Button combos are sick, execution tests have always been a part of video games considering they're both mental and physical so i dont get why everybody is hating on melee glitches / double shots
  2. yep and dont you ever talk to me with that tone of voice AGAIN
  3. Idk if its wise to release it with a retail patch if not everything is going to be fixed.... for example if h1 and 2 are still fucked then they're gonna ward off another whole group of players and we'll have to wait for more post launch updates to get the game back to 100%. Lol doesnt that sound familiar
  4. thats my reaction to this thread, this forum is dead as fuck compared to mcc and h5's launch, not that i dont understand why of course
  5. idc if its training mode im pretty happy with this lolllll shit kills my fingers sometimes
  6. boom beating alvin was pretty hype too, it was nice to see him take another smash con. also the combo contest this year felt like it was a lot more varied, really enjoyed everyone's even though prince is obviously the favorite
  7. ah i hate this video now lol, pretty immature in hindsight. ngl though i still crack myself up at the "he tried it" and bowling ball joke LMAOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Yeah count me out, they're still using Sparth's art style LOOOOOOL. Wake me up when there is gameplay
  9. yes sir i wont be available til tomorrow night but i will message you when i am free!
  10. any1 wanna netplay melee tonight preferrably east coast/midwest. I will have nobody to play smash with until tuesday
  11. @@LimeSoda whats the consensus on non-n64 controllers for ssb? I read that they are legal but im not sure if it is something people are chastised for; i know there are adapters for gamecube controllers for it and i have never liked the n64 controller.
  12. does anyon e know if there is an equivalent of halobugs.com for halo 2 or 3. i am curious what the major issues in those are. as of right now h2 and h3's problem for me when i played mcc was there seemed to be a lot more bloodshots and dropped shots than their original versions but i wanna see some concrete examples n explanations like insid did for h1
  13. oooh i may have to look into that. 64 is probably my favorite smash to watch n second favorite to play. though i love all of them including brawl. didnt know you were a 64 guy
  14. anyone going to big house 8 this year ? me and my buddies are really looking at going and seeing how much progress we can make in terms of learning and such. we just started getting into taking the game seriously and its been a blast so far.

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