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  1. It just says failed to connect, (that problem has returned now) I thought it was a similar issue but I tried multiple people I know using the same emulator and I got a similar result. Checking smashboards for reasons why, and others have had a similar issue. They say the udp port breaking that dolphin uses usually get blocked by universities or other public places because they don't want a million p2p connections going in and out i guess
  2. i tried vpn, didn't help. i found a random dolphin program located in my firewall that wasnt there last time i checked, i checked it to be allowed through the firewall and netplay is working again. thanks fellas
  3. @@Destroyaaa I'm willing to take u up on that but idk how to get netplay to work on college internet. I'm not sure what firewalls they're using but whatever it is, I always fail to connect on netplay now.
  4. Yeah i dont wanna witch hunt or anything that was an immature statement to make. Maybe make all lan fees paypal only? Could help stop people taking shit and being untraceable. Either way this was a great event. I want to attend one of these at some point. But being a broke college student doesnt help lol. Also @@Hard Way @@Knighty Knight great castingi always enjoy it. @@McDick thanks for putting this on too, the streams and presentation and attendance just get better and better
  5. yeah keeping that much in cash is not a good idea....though it would be nice to know. that kind of stuff can kill events and it stop this one as o4 said for like 3 hours. imagine if it was never found, shit would be fucking terrible. i guess its less about knowing who did it for personal reasons and more about knowing who did it so this kind of thing wont happen again
  6. anyone have any idea? didnt puremoney leave early or something, that would up the suspicion. but i am not sure on that one
  7. what button combo would ever be considered skillful when we're all just gonna boil it down to "pressing a few buttons in a sequence isnt hard"
  8. Button combos are sick, execution tests have always been a part of video games considering they're both mental and physical so i dont get why everybody is hating on melee glitches / double shots
  9. yep and dont you ever talk to me with that tone of voice AGAIN
  10. Idk if its wise to release it with a retail patch if not everything is going to be fixed.... for example if h1 and 2 are still fucked then they're gonna ward off another whole group of players and we'll have to wait for more post launch updates to get the game back to 100%. Lol doesnt that sound familiar
  11. thats my reaction to this thread, this forum is dead as fuck compared to mcc and h5's launch, not that i dont understand why of course
  12. idc if its training mode im pretty happy with this lolllll shit kills my fingers sometimes
  13. boom beating alvin was pretty hype too, it was nice to see him take another smash con. also the combo contest this year felt like it was a lot more varied, really enjoyed everyone's even though prince is obviously the favorite
  14. ah i hate this video now lol, pretty immature in hindsight. ngl though i still crack myself up at the "he tried it" and bowling ball joke LMAOOOOOOOOOO
  15. Yeah count me out, they're still using Sparth's art style LOOOOOOL. Wake me up when there is gameplay
  16. yes sir i wont be available til tomorrow night but i will message you when i am free!
  17. any1 wanna netplay melee tonight preferrably east coast/midwest. I will have nobody to play smash with until tuesday

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