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  1. im surprised most ppl dont ever think about the time it takes to make these games and why it actually matters that they have to get it right at launch like polyg said its been 11 years since everyone agreed was the last universally good halo game. it takes 3 years minimum for the next and its gonna likely be 5 for this one. people are growing up, going into or graduating college, having kids, etc etc. like its taking too long in people's lives to wait for a good halo game. kinda sucks
  2. To switch to a more positive note. Had a great time playing Halo 1 customs with @OG Nick and a couple others tonight, as well as some Lockout snipers. Not going to lie, definitely mad about the amount of times he backsmacked me but hey it was a good time regardless.
  3. honestly i think this argument got taken into a weird spin, i think beast makes sense a lot because to be honest, if the pistol v pistol or br vs br or dmr vs dmr (whatever it is) fights aren't interesting, then the rest of the game isn't gonna be that interesting. lots of weapons is cool if they aren't cheesy and i am pro power weapons for what i think are pretty good reasons but i would fuckin hate it if the gameplay that doesnt revolve around them wasn't good first
  4. objective modes would still be fun without the power weapons i think, maybe not slayer but slayer is a lot different than objective.... hopefully next halo game makes slayer cool again
  5. i would upvote lemon post but idk how to read.
  6. canc is definitely cooper by the way. nobody just mentions cooper and walks away from it unscathed.
  7. fans of inferior settings generally are not fans of cooper.
  8. Drgood baller is braver than the us marines .....
  9. yes to both my good man ultimate is good
  10. @@Destroyaaa alright so im gonna be home for the next month so we can play some melee netplay whenever u want also ultimate is nice
  11. Oh ya u right. Odst was still paid for which was lame as hell tho and i hated that
  12. Also @@Cursed Lemon sorry for bailing on you this weekend its been tough finding time when finals is coming up, tonight if u or @@Hard Way or @og nick would wanna play mcc i am up for it
  13. Hey remember when 343 cut off getting odst and remnant for free on december 19th to avoid more people getting them because of holiday sales even tho the game is still being patched in 2018 “You should have known our game was broken” LOLLLLLLL
  14. already have u added i think from a while ago. ill be on later tonight and hopefully we can get delicious salt after every win
  15. Probably bc they legitimately couldn’t fix it since the problem ran deep lol
  16. Yeah smash summit is basically what @@GoldenboyFTW describes : a very relaxed and fun atmosphere paired with good gameplay and fun side events and games. Its awesome
  17. it always warms my heart when i get plus rep on my posts. What a wholesome community
  18. @@Cursed Lemon help me make extremely online people angry in the h1 playlist this week its too much fun
  19. i didnt get it working i was at home when i posted that. just got back to college after break so we're kinda SOL until december
  20. the building in fortnite is ridiculously complex and you know the difference between people good at it and people who aren’t One game does not accurately reflect that
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