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  1. Probably bc they legitimately couldn’t fix it since the problem ran deep lol
  2. Yeah smash summit is basically what @@GoldenboyFTW describes : a very relaxed and fun atmosphere paired with good gameplay and fun side events and games. Its awesome
  3. it always warms my heart when i get plus rep on my posts. What a wholesome community
  4. @@Cursed Lemon help me make extremely online people angry in the h1 playlist this week its too much fun
  5. i didnt get it working i was at home when i posted that. just got back to college after break so we're kinda SOL until december
  6. the building in fortnite is ridiculously complex and you know the difference between people good at it and people who aren’t One game does not accurately reflect that
  7. any1 wanna play melee netplay with me tomorrow or this weekend now that i can @@Infinity @@Destroyaaa
  8. dont mind @@TheIcePrincess she recently has been on a brainforce plus binge drinking session so its hopeless to argue with the galaxy brain
  9. If there is one nearby where the location is i’d check those out or see if locals have any there. Wish u luck in your endeavors my friend
  10. ^ none that will be fun to play on Maybe if the xbox had a digital port on it something could be done for that but i doubt you will find anytging good I recommend going to salvation army stores to find CRTs, my universitys smash club hit the jackpot there and snagged 5 of those including a godly trinitron.
  11. ^ i agree with this guy cause this is literally what i said weeks ago They are still hiring ppl for the engine and for big positions at the company, theres no way this game comes out next year and honestly thats probably a good thing, the last thing we need is another half baked halo game
  12. ill never understand why i should feel bad for a company that makes millions of dollars and can pick and choose fan interaction. i think postums even left the h2 discord which was giving him feedback on that game. u guys took our money lol now deliver what was promised and stop trying to get us on your side when its your fault this all had to happen anyway actually i take it back somewhat, i think i feel more bad for the QA testers and the people who most certainly had to crunch especially in the wake of that rdr2 scandal. but the people at the top and the mouthpieces that oversee it ? i dont care one bit about how they feel
  13. ^ it takes less than 10 minutes to do it, very easy, i've done it with my boxes and it takes barely any time at all if you just follow the guides for it
  14. they're not even sharing release date information, nor have we seen any gameplay of the thing. if it's coming early 2020 or whatever, don't you think we'd have a beta announced by now? especially if they're doing a beta for it. i think this game is a long way away, considering they seem to be hiring a ton of new people and a lot of old people have left.
  15. halo is still a big franchise even though it isnt what it used to be. they are not missing out on a holiday release schedule for it, guarantee. that's the time when they will make back up costs significantly
  16. Halo infinite is not coming out next year lol it most certainly is coming out in 2020. I am no tech guy but making an engine (if this is indeed a new one and not just shitty marketing terms, halo 5 was apparently a brand new engine LOL) seems like a lot of work and they still are hiring people to work on it. Not to mention theres no beta at the end of this year like they did for h5. Idk how much worth bonnie ross's word is but she did say every future halo would have a beta going forward from this and h5's was like a year in advance. I guess they can ditch that plan but then it'll be a demo if they just reveal it at e3 and change nothing.
  17. good shit @@LimeSoda 9th place is nothing to scoff at
  18. Weren't half of the maps designed for pistol starts. Pretty ridiculous

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