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  1. Any1 remember when neighbor did that #classichalofan stuff n grimbrotherone made some vague tweet about burning bridges yea im pretty sure halo infinite will be more of the same shit. Lol
  2. frankie has no credibility any more lol. taking his word for anything would be extremely stupid at this point and ur probably right. halo infinite likely was going through more of the enhanced mobility stuff and probably hero shooter shit before the trend died and fortnite became the biggest thing ever. i honestly think they're just searching for the next gimmick or whatever that will put halo over the top "this time"
  3. alright guys heres a question me and my friend have been kicking around for a while frank o'connor is franchise deveopment director at 343. his previous job at bungie was the content manager (website, writing manuals, etc) so how does a man like that get access to the entirety of the halo franchise in the next job. like my personal head theory is that when games stopped doing physical manuals to save trees frankie was lfet without any kind of work and they felt bad and accidentally put him in charge of the frnachise. ROFL
  4. playing damnation gives me the same kind of feeling as playing against jigglypuff in melee.
  5. now heres a real advanced opinion : damnation sucko
  6. i think i laughed at this for like 10 minutes lol this was hilarious
  7. we wont be seeing tournaments unless they include custom games with those flights, and my guess is they will be only for limited time. flights are good and i hope to see a beta a year in advance like h5, it changed that game for the better. i want to be hopeful based on what i've seen but my hype for halo is lower than ever and i am not all too concerned with it unless i see some big positive changes in the gameplay part. lets pray
  8. this wouldnt even be a topic right now if there was anything going on with halo...its gonna be a long 2 years halo classic should be cool though, interested in watching it
  9. when halo infinite releases sprint will have been in halo for the same amount of time that it wasn't (actually longer since it will be 2020 probs when infinite comes out) the future is fucking crazy
  10. im surprised most ppl dont ever think about the time it takes to make these games and why it actually matters that they have to get it right at launch like polyg said its been 11 years since everyone agreed was the last universally good halo game. it takes 3 years minimum for the next and its gonna likely be 5 for this one. people are growing up, going into or graduating college, having kids, etc etc. like its taking too long in people's lives to wait for a good halo game. kinda sucks
  11. To switch to a more positive note. Had a great time playing Halo 1 customs with @OG Nick and a couple others tonight, as well as some Lockout snipers. Not going to lie, definitely mad about the amount of times he backsmacked me but hey it was a good time regardless.
  12. honestly i think this argument got taken into a weird spin, i think beast makes sense a lot because to be honest, if the pistol v pistol or br vs br or dmr vs dmr (whatever it is) fights aren't interesting, then the rest of the game isn't gonna be that interesting. lots of weapons is cool if they aren't cheesy and i am pro power weapons for what i think are pretty good reasons but i would fuckin hate it if the gameplay that doesnt revolve around them wasn't good first
  13. objective modes would still be fun without the power weapons i think, maybe not slayer but slayer is a lot different than objective.... hopefully next halo game makes slayer cool again
  14. i would upvote lemon post but idk how to read.
  15. canc is definitely cooper by the way. nobody just mentions cooper and walks away from it unscathed.
  16. fans of inferior settings generally are not fans of cooper.
  17. Drgood baller is braver than the us marines .....

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