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  1. holy shit i never thought i'd see the day lets fucking GOOOO
  2. Shekkles and SMARTAN i actually completely agree, i have been having fun with halo for the first time in years playin with my friend and just playing games i like it helps h3 works well too. And my standards haven’t lowered either; im just more realistic about stuff. And im hopeful for infinite but i have hard limits and if it has certain things i’m just not gonna purchase and put it out of my mind rather than post about it. Posting requires investment
  3. I’m pretty impressed with the h3 port, QOL changes like centered reticle and a forge overhaul are awesome things i didn’t expect, plus the port runs well and I have yet to encounter gamebreaking bugs
  4. Reminiscent is one of the worst halo maps ive ever played lol that is straight trash
  5. Its not what he did lol No ctf? Thats like one of the cleanest, simplest, and most engaging gametypes i can think of in any fps
  6. not surprising at all considering the population is low as shit, i run into people ive played with before every other game it seems
  7. i'd roll both of u @Infinity @washedfrank also in other news frostbite was sick
  8. Everyones talking about Cooper but forgetting about lax cooper xal
  9. Playing halo during our university smash weekly i stream it
  10. who knows maybe it'll be improved when it comes to pc...or not
  11. Played in bracket made it to div 2 somehow lol. Ended up on stream too which was sick tho i lost. Overall good time
  12. Looking good as ever you should play mcc with me sometime
  13. went to big house 9 this year played 64 was pretty dope. definitely going back next year @LimeSodawe still gotta play man lmao
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