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  1. good one lemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you win post of the night.
  2. dont reaction my posts deb ate me thi s is the internet my ego is at stake here
  3. no melee at evo makes me sad but i think melee will survive just fine without it. theres enough coming down the line with ppmd returning and metagame that i think hype will get it back in next year. as for ultimate, yesterday my university had our first big tournament since release where talent all across the state come in. 70 attendees or so. i ended up making out of pools into top bracket! unfortunately lost a nailbiting set to be knocked out and not get 9th but i was happy to do pretty good for basically being seeded so low. happy to finally say i didnt drown in pools.
  4. lets go lime making big moves and its all good moving is busy work and so is college rofl
  5. you know you really should show some respect to the AAA developer who makes millions of dollars will ANYBODY fucking think of the executives paycheck
  6. i was literally playing brawl 2 days ago... i play all smash games unfortunately at university smash64 is the only one i am able to play online bc of firewalls
  7. yup i think that one was in my reddit post.... honestly im thinking of making an office parody except every season a new halo game is being developed and shit just goes off the walls maybe use the sprint episodes as our inspiration such as quinn's iconic "i fixed it" in air quotes or the part where everybody cannot believe he seriously suggested just flipping a map upside down and calling it new rofl
  8. now lemon this would certainly be an epic gamer troll.
  9. Me and my buddy hate halo 3 fov and always make the joke they grabbed active camo every time they move more than 5 inches to the right or left of our screen because they just fuckin disappear from reality lol
  10. My name is being slandered but you already know i cant do netplay at university ur chaingrabs are trash
  11. Real talk if they add customs browser or somehow implement custom edition maps in march im becoming a full time halo streamer fuck college and having a job
  12. whos going to frostbite this year? going with somebuddies from campus
  13. careful big guy, dont let your bad attitude ruin the hard working men and women of 343 industries
  14. cant forget the time genesis rider cried on video about being statted on in his favorite playlist btb when his entire shtick is doing that to everyone else in an unranked playlist

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