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  1. It looks like Halo Reach Halo Reach will never end
  2. OS and camo primarily which is gonna be a big deal bc that shit will be on all the maps or the majority of em. you're getting 3 chances to use armor lock and never have to commit and it also means ur getting one layer os again so its like neutered offensively while also becoming just a get out of jail free card, camo i think will just be annoying for the player bc it will always cut out early and you cant even use it to escape so it will also be neutered offensively i think halo 3's equipment is dumbly designed but i can live with it. i can live with infinite's if they stop trying to have new takes on things that worked completely well before
  3. also i really like halo 3 and could probably keep playing it forever (and probably will as long as it exists online) halo infinite's gameplay wouldn't even really bother me if i didn't know what i already know due to soul flame talkin about the game's dumb ass shit in it like equipment powerups, and obviously sprint and clamber are gonna make maps huge like the one they just showed i dont even think the biggest controversy of halo infinite will show itself until its about to come out, i truly am expecting a battlefront 2 level of backlash to something (i thought this was what armor coatings would be but obviously the internet collectively forgot about it because they saw a reach assault rifle in a picture)
  4. ^ facts, 343's entire direction for Halo infinite has been to placate ppl bitching to get halo 3 and reach again (and not even gameplay wise, just aesthetically) funnily enough 343 has essentially just made halo 3 2.0 with sprint clamber and slide. equipment is back and taken to its extreme. theres gonna be a lot of fuck shit and probably a wealth of missing content but this is the halo game that people "want" (and by people i mean people who will also drop the game after a month when the nostalgia wears off and the game is missing a bunch of gamemodes, maps, weapons, and other stuff
  5. bro if we're talking free information i wish we had a fuckin pinging feature in game with like the dpad or some shit, r6 has one and it doesnt follow players but it will point them out in the spot they were standing when it did it would make solo q games more bearable or games without mics bc it gives at least some indication that something is important or to be careful somewhere else
  6. Dont Worry Soul Flame we can make Imminent in Halo infinite
  7. I have this guy called x iTz BaZU x Bazu on my friends list and all he does is play halo 3 social slayer .... shit gets boring after a power drain or two
  8. Snipe Three that is a fuckin great point and one me and my friend been talking about, lot of things in the Bungie Halo's were super obvious and clean, great examples being the menus, the lights showing your shield strength and the killfeed in halo 3 Lots of small things that add up to a really tight experience, Halo Infinite needs to nail these too
  9. What the fuck is darf bro If you don't think real ass people have this opinion why do you think Reach coming back to PC was celebrated enough to get a shit on of streamers to play the game, or when Halo 3 launched and became a big deal for the month or so it was relevant What games do you think hold the population on MCC hint its not halo 1 or 2 idk what reality you live in but the truth is halo 3 and reach have become 'that game' when people have nostalgia for halo now, thats how time works, and its what people are ok with considering 343 has gone all in appealing to those games in specific
  10. It's more representative than this website and r/halo combined thats for sure lol Nowadays its reach, the halo fanbase is made up of a bunch of people who's first halo was reach now while the people who were playing in the mid 2000's left, I know a lot of mine stopped playing when Reach came out, but its a new generation now, don't see how this is hard to get
  11. Have you not been on twitter at all since Reach came to PC
  12. Halo 3 and Reach are the games you get when you ask random people what they remember about Halo, thats why Halo 3 on PC was a big deal to rekindle nostalgia, same with Reach coming to MCC we are an echo chamber on this website but if you polled a bunch of random people you are more likely than not getting Halo 3 / Reach as people's favorite Halo game and that's exactly what they will pursue Halo 3 basically is the meme game for people's nostalgia and talking about the "good ol days" which is why 343 is leaning hard into that too, thats where they think the market is and thats what they're gonna pursue
  13. Doubtful and I guarantee you the vast majority of the population would quit due to the spawn system like it or not seems the vast majority of what's left of the halo community wants halo reach 2 unfortunately, thats why infinite is just halo reach's greatest hits with halo 3 equipment, a CE sequel would never sell well unless halo had stayed like that the entire time in the first place
  14. new halo game shouldn't be Halo CE, should be a competent NEW halo game, everyone in here talks about CE but nobody plays it even on mcc and its inconvenient as fuck to lan or play in its best possible state anyway esp in covid (i say that as i enjoy playing the game and have tried to get my rank up more in the CE playlist btw still an awesome game and the ppl in h1hub and the people still playing it are awesome) halo infinite looks like the most competent halo game 343 has made in terms of appealing to classic fans but it will likely be a frankensteined balance games that offsets new movement like clamber and sprint with zero ways to use them aggressively like halo 5 had i expect very little and hope to be surprised but i'm not kidding myself
  15. every halo game since the original trilogy has kept losing and losing features when before they used to add stuff every game no theater clips for tages or machinima no easy to access file share game mode variety is fucked too much to list
  16. Sidekick has faster ROF and is the gunfighter magnum (which soul flame had already claimed was gonna be the pistol in 2017 BTW) so BR is probably 4 shot still. Then again who knows.
  17. Soul Flame is hella credible based on his past info so take this one seriously boys
  18. anyone else ever sit on a good idea for so longi t starts becoming a shit idea in your mind got a bunch of good gameplays for a vid, everythings all set and i dont wanna do it anymore, ROFL
  19. the pistol is such a sick ass design that it boggles my mind both bungie and 343 (bungie moreso) have fucked with it dare i say it is "iconic" and its literally the first gun you ever use in halo and they replaced it with the fucking sidekick ROFL
  20. why do people think phil spencer is "setting things straight" or whatever there's no way he hasnt checked up with 343 over this dev stuff, halo is still their number 1 exclusive franchise and this game is xbox's best weapon this generation, there is no way he didnt see the state of the game beforehand
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