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  1. I'm saying if you're trying to strongside in Halo 5 it becomes somewhat pointless because hovering will make it much easier to land a headshot on somebody ducking their head. Butt like you said, sprint and thruster are already good alternatives.
  2. Well, if you're trying to duck your head and someone can get the height advantage by jumping and then scoping, it's much easier to get that headshot and makes strongsiding a lot harder to do.
  3. The hover ability might kill strongsiding.
  4. People don't like the whole "not in control of your character but still first person" cutscenes / QTE's and for good reason. They're overdone to make the game look dramatic or cool when it would be more dramatic or cool if we could actually do it ourselves. I mean, how hard would it be to be playing and have Buck take he elite down and throw it in the air and you can choose to pick it up in the air or not to?
  5. Everytime I hear his classic voice it's like sweet relief, and then we go back to the ADD autotune one.....
  6. I'm gonna guess it's still being optimized. I thought they said graphics came near the end when all gameplay and content is locked in?
  7. But it seems very nonsensical to decrease armor customization slots when it's all been modeled anyway, especially coming off of Reach which had a huge amount of customization in 2010.
  8. Is there any particular reason why this is the decision you've made? I get wanting to have a style, but isn't the point of customization...well, to customize? Making your Spartan look the way you want them to look instead of being forced to use a design you don't want? I get there are certain limits before things look ridiculous, but I don't see how that justifies the removal of being able to have interchangeable armor parts such as shoulders or kneeguards or bracers or whatever. Thanks for clarifying the whole armor system, though.
  9. Shit I must be behind on my news. Gamescom Hype
  10. True, forgot about those. I know a lot of people hate them, but there were some cool plays you could make with them if you were creative.
  11. Honestly I never had a problem with equipment since no one spawned with it and I never saw it slow down battles. Like the bubble shield for instance. If someone put it down I could just run in and melee him like he could me. The flare was pretty stupid, as was the radar jammer, but the power drain was pretty useful for flushing out enemies, and in BTB it was great for taking out vehicles. I would have preferred that instead of Spartan Abilities, but to each their own.
  12. I thought it was skins don't apply to weapons in Arena because they're connected to different attachments, and that only stances, assassination animations, and armor goes in. That or they let you use the skin on the primary weapon you start with but keep the same scope for smart scope purposes.
  13. The full coverage zoom is the new zoom for the base DMR. They made it like that because beta zoom was super clunky.
  14. Big generalization there. And besides, I thought we were all fighting against fast kill times unless it requires precision (a la CE magnum). I don't want Halo to be a twitch shooter.
  15. I'm sure that'll be an option. Then again, if Warzone isn't playable in customs games and it's the only confirmed place where gameplay altering weapon features are allowed, it may not be.
  16. So if Warzone is like completely different from Arena and campaign and is so complex and loaded with MOBA-esque stuff, what was the point of bringing spartan abilities to arena in the first place? They said they want there to be a universal gameplay style that carries over into each stage, and that they don't want it clunky that in one mode you'd have this but wouldn't in another. It makes no sense.
  17. Yo, may be a little late but the minute Greenskull posts his Halo 5 coverage, take everything he says with a grain of salt. He's invited to events and it's in his best interest to give positive coverage for 343. Hell, his "How hard is it to port a game?" video is 7 minutes of him shitting on one guy making a comment about how it's ridiculous 343 couldn't port the games over and ship the game working, and 10 seconds saying "It was a slap in the face to Halo fans". He says that, yet he'll still be conducting the hype train for H5 and will inevitably a positive review of it when it comes out. Now, I trust him more than HaloFollower (Benjim) but still, don't take everything he says as fact. I'm sure most people here are already on the cautious side for the game already, but just a reminder to NOT LET PRE- E3 HYPE GET TO YOU. Happens with every Halo game (or really any game, for that matter).
  18. I've always wondered if game devs ever share what they're doing in development or something. I thought it was like game devs had some camaraderie in that they showed off their ideas for their games. Or maybe i'm just ********, whichever one that is.
  19. This right here is exactly why its a meme. No reasons beyond trivial things like immersion or player expectation. Yeah, there's a reason it's been mocked IN CONTEXT
  20. The problem here is they come to a forum that they KNOW doesn't like (for the most part) the way Halo 5 is going and get pissed when people are dissenting. There are dumbasses here but there are also people trying to have a discussion that get told "they have no clue what they're talking about"
  21. Kidnapping kids at the age of 6 and turning them into super soldier without consent would be enough to hate someone, hmm
  22. Pretty much. Not exactly the best defense for GAMEPLAY decisions. If he had talked about how it was good for gameplay and that took priority over expectation or immersion, it wouldn't be a meme.

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